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Ignore my bashing!

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on March 3, 2011 - 8:56am

You're doing a wonderful job Josh! I love the cute video with banana! What a secure man you are! You're become a great actor Josh

I think you get my jokes! The rest will just have to hate me but that's okay! I have to be on the side of God's word! It's a new trend and will be fashionable by next 6 months or sooner. This is why I don't think I'm great for me to be out there too soon. I have to keep my grounds low and make the high and low shiver a little to straighten them up! If the Jews sees a gentile who have the balls to speak YHVH they will be empowered. It's what the Lord showed me! I make you look good! I make them hate me because I say the truth! I'm the bad cop till the kids get my rants.

As the disaster increase and market is shaky! Music and dance will increase because people need inspiration. The TV will have it's multicolor coat of Joseph back and out of gay coalition! I'm so sorry Josh. If you know how much I love looking at funny gay expression. I have to do this dirty work for the Lord and keep a smile on my face. The rest are going banana's over my banters but what! They watch porn, scary films and all that trash! I'm no perfect girl but I know what make sense!

I don't do perfect videos because it will stop kids from doing their videos! The lack of polish speech is great to promote better videos. The more the kids becomes advocate of their families- the better off we will be. Many of the gay supporters are not supporters of children only on the superficial level. The self-pity of people is selfishness. Selfishness is in fact lack of mental stability. The gays are unaware of the spiritual attack placed upon them by the enemy. This is hard to explain because gay men starts out with insecurity like most boys and when they feel that they are too soft and don't fit in the humbleness and artistic trait they have is funnelled into a deception by the enemy that they are in fact not suppose to be boys but girls. This lie will continue till they start admiring other men because they couldn't be entirely like them. It's the absorbtion of power from another man that fuels the homosexuality. Sex is a potent potion in the media and it is lust that give charisma. I am well aware of it because I studied all the women of the bible! Seduction does not really lead to true and lasting love! It's a never ending cycle of power drive and competition.

I play it tough because many kids feel impowered over the remarks of gay people and they are using the Jezebel spirit and all that Delilah style self-absorbsion along with Potiphar's wife pity. The gays do in fact feel sad and oppressed but teaching more kids to give in to their needs lead to very insecure kids over being a boy or girl. Blacks Pride is good but not Gay Pride...Jew Pride etc. It's fine but God did not create the gays - confusion came from the enemy as a curse!

We have to attend to them and listen to them but know what is God's written words. The Kids have to come first before their lifestyle. It's the children who will suffer. It's like having oversympathy for the addicts and ignoring the good kids. The gays need the Lord and not the other way around. The Lord will disown them if they don't repent. It's that simple and it hurts like the dickens. Division will be made in these last days and all believers will continue to celebrate. I don't know how long and when exactly but the kids need better role models and knowledge has to be poured out.

I wish I could babysit and cuddle everyone like I did before on twitter but Josh you have to understand. If I don't let them hate me for the truth they will love me for the false teachings! Many of these kids will have visions, dreams and prophecies and the death on the kids due to abortion is the aim of the enemy so that the Jews keep getting killed and the terrorist keeps expanding. The more children who may be born out of adversity will actually have the love of God towards others.

Jews are in the brink of another holocaust unless they move and proclaim the name of the God of Israel from Abraham, Isaaca and Jacob! There is no Allah! The Lord is very clear with his words. The Jews are afraid to be disowned therefore they refuse to leave the coup and the word don't get out. All we need are better Jews and sober Jews and they are going to take off!

The conversion will be on the Arabs big time which is why I need the Jews and Christians to stay out of sorcery. All that sorcery, kabbalah, Islam, Catholic perverstion , Buddhism, Hinduism, pagan cults, etc. are gonna be slashed out one by one. Israel will be the one main standing ground for all mankind till the end which will be transformed at the Lord's will.

All lives have to be witnessed. The more we witness the less the damage on Israel. If UN and NATO was supportive of Israel. Israel would have won long time ago. Now an Axis of Zion have to be made to break down the Axis of Evil which is really bound to be weak.

Comedy infusion with Esther style frankness is heavily needed otherwise children will be molested very easily. I stopped the sexual teasing because Bieber and these young children are getting out of line. Discipline is hard and you have to be hated at first. They get over it! I tease the older once because they can handle it! Lady Gaga and Ellen Degeneres I love them- they get it deep inside. What people show on the outside is many times just a charade from the truth inside. They actually want to be found and told what to do. We may think but I have to be nice so we feed in their fancy. When you get to be tough they actually respect you! Of course they are annoyed. You let them simmer. This is what I'm letting the Jews realize. They have to take authority otherwise more terrorism will win out the children and they have bombs.

Take their hands off the bombs and give them phones and they start doing research and gets their mind off the devils scheme. The more music and dedication the better. Josh you do this very well.

Just keep doing what you are doing because someone else is orchestrating something for you! Be extremely thankful as always. Thank all the gays and keep mentioning their names. The Lord loves it! Madonna, Ozzy Osborne, Rihanna, Beyonce, JayZ, Kanye West, Usher, etc. They will get it!

Ozzy Osborne and his mentorship will pay off! Tell him to keep believing! The One mentioned his name to me while I was watching Bieber! I was kind of buffled. What the Lord wants he wants! I can't argue! Thank you Lord for Ozzy! Whatever it may be!

The Jewish media tempo is improving! This is what all mankind needs. The happier the Jews the more they get their work done. I wish I could do the same for gays but I'm not allowed. Josh you have to take on the gays and give them the love! They may hate me but they have to love you! We need them to go to your concerts and many others to church and back home.

Ellen will be straight one day! It might just be me but the Lord puts it in my heart. It's like Ann Rice and Jane Row / Norma McCorvey. Many reformations to go! This is Cardiology! Turn the cards around and flip it over!

Love you Josh!


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