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on February 10, 2011 - 11:45pm


With all due formality I want you to know that I care and aim to tell the story as I see fits the puzzle of this world.

Many will find me repulsive and detest the knowledge and charisma of the stories I tell but in due time many more will describe the very thing that I am finding out in many languages.

The Lord is powerful and I aimed to be at His side. It's not the other way around! I asked many questions from the time I was roughly 4 years old when I met the Lord in a vision by my bedside!

I see things not in black and white but in colors of many dimentions. My father must have known what will become of me long before I was born.

I do not wish for people to take what I say on any of this journal as reality or truth until they have checked over and over from other resources and spiritual leaders. It's the rule of 3.

Conversion does not happen without the illumination of Jesus Christ in their very soul. I'm only planting seeds and many may fall on the wayside. Ruth rhymes like truth! Magnify the truth and the falsehoods disappear.

My last name Illera means Illuminate read to the bull. My first name is rootword Jacob! I struggled with God all my life and supplants! Illuminati in reverese will read Itanim Mulli! It means to replant.

This means that as I am enlightened, I will help illuminate the name of the Lord for many who are misinformed such as the Kaballa and Illuminati, not to mentioned the Muslims.

I am not the only one but I'm one who demanded to see my mission and the Lord's vision for my life with constant questions.

Do not take me of any speciality as I am just a fellow worker in God's garden and I expect to be corrected and pruned. I have less fear than most as I am raised to be a versatile and highly adaptable individual - minus the insects!

Comic relief is the key to any serious and spiritual leaders. I expect to be offended and others will be offended by me. this I have long accepted as I will follow the very example of St. Paul and St. Francis. I don't account them for my savior - just examples to remember. I will be shuned by many but many are coming to the Lord because I will exemplify the bravery that the Lord as given me. My life is marked and my duty will be fulfilled as I will press on to exibit the goodness of the Lord.

I do not expect you to understand all and every word I say above. I apologized for all the people I offended as I too will forgive those who despise my calling.

You are one of the brightest stars out there in the industry. Take not the Illuminati are not all bad but for a fact - they are ill informed Ill um I not I! The Rose Crucians are the same with many tiers of well endoctrinated geniuses and sorcerers. They hold no real power as evidenced by many celebrities who can't be fully conformed by the illuminati in the industry.

Many of the celebrities are simply lured by vanity but I sense tha many of them are believers from a quieted

Do not be afraid of their unrest as they will go to the process and many will weep once they reap the love of God. I am not minimizing any of their sins as it is not my duty to judge or condone. I do say what is in my heart as I feel that many of the Illuminati are highly talented but mislead from the true source that is the Lord Jesus Christ! Yes it sounds like a cliche' but the obvious stands as the the obvious.

The function of the Illuminati to educate the mass stems from the biblical teaching of publications and translation. The only problem is the source is obliterated by man's ideals over spirituality and pride took over reverence.

Celebrities became the former gladiators who are enslaved by the some of the Illuminati puppetries but as you can see the words of the lyrics are revolving back to the true source. The anger and radical sincerity of singers took liberty in expressing the truth.

Take for instance Ozzy whose new bands of young singers are singing to the Bambino - The lyrics commemorated the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! I actually love the song and Ozzy to my knowledge had to get passed his addiction to come out alive.

Turkey is part of Freemasonry and the flag is not necessarily Muslim as the red signifies the covenant of Jesus in blood. The moon and stars are insignificant. Constantinople was previously Christians.

Feel free to deny my access in the journal if you feel the need to depart from my thoughts. I will acknowledge it as a necessity and will wish you just the same glory as I have predicted. Not as I had wished but as the Lord as wished for you to receive. I am deeply honored of the opportunity to write my thoughts within this journal.

Asclepius is replaced by Jesus Christ. Illuminati signs are infact Yod! Upside down cross is St. Peter. x is thomas.

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