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I'm Awake

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on February 24, 2011 - 2:24am

My bed is ridiculously painful to sleep in! I'd sleep outside in the couch but I just feel too cold out there. The room is cozy in my new place. I'm living with 2 pastors who are both younger but really good leaders. They are in the Philippines for mission. That leaves me no excuse to miss church. Now my rent money is also helping the church.

The other day I had no sleep and I was very happy praying for Libya. Yesterday I fell asleep and all hell broke loose. Of course it has nothing to do with me sleeping but come on! I prayed so hard for miracles. There were miracles I'm sure but I wished people could have pointed it out! All power can't be seen but there are evidence and trails of joy. 10,000 Libyans just died and 50,000 injured! That's atrocious!

I need all the Jews to participate in praying. Of course that's impossible but I do think that if the Lord wills...Jews will see their importance in this time and age. I know most Jews are sensitive people and have the antenna to feel other peoples pain. I know even if you don't read this- The Lord read my journal! And when I die someone will open up these journals and chronicles and find that I existed and loved the Lord. I just want to witness the love of God. And it's weird! I look weird for persisting to do these journals and You tube video that nobody wants to really see more than the Lord. I' sure you think I'm crazy for trying so hard. I love doing this! It's like I exist finally and I'm no longer a closet Christian.

You are beautiful Josh and I would never want to change your beauty around all the people who loves you. You are known for being non-judgemental, wholesome, accepting, funny, a good sport, the man with the angel's voice.

I'm completely blunt, judgemental, bitchy and all that makes any person feel over religious and fundamentalist. I'd take all the criticism. I have to be honest with myself and teach what I believe is right. I know the people would go to the ends to get a bigger audience but I only have to Lord to appreciate what I am passionate for.

Sometimes I feel like I'll rot like an old maid in my own world if I don't express myself. Other times, I feel like I'll just be an old maid with 1,400 you tube videos. Will that make Genies Book of Record! A woman with over 40 names on you tube just died in her bed with an apple phone after taking her last video discussing the life of dead poets who were inspired by animals. Cause of death may be due to a short circuit in her brain after perhaps overthinking the history of various folklores which she claims have significant meaning and ties in with biblical stories. This concludes NPR news and please call You Tube that they may now erase all those You tube videos and make room for better movies full of Lady Gaga and Madonna so we can saturate our kids with thoughts of UFO and how perfectly endearing it is to have our kids run around dressed up like the opposite sex and finally legalize their marriage to their favorite animals. Esther the molesters will now raise more kids just like them for all their parents and grandparent to be proud of.

Osama Bin Ladin can finally have space to make his fear factor You Tube videos while located 600 feet below the ground, about how the the world can kill every Christians and Jews. But let's face it! Even if the guy is death, there are are million more Osama Bin look alike that would love to take over his spot like Elvis to keep his legacy of killing for Allah well implemented.

I gotta sleep this is completely looking pathetic and I can soon slap myself silly.

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