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I'm in NY!

EstherT1's picture
on February 14, 2011 - 5:05pm

I hope to see you tom! we'll see! Love you Josh! Busy with date s Im sure! No luck with me. I'm such a nerd I can't even find. Time 2 Meet anyone!

Haven't seen Lady GAga Grammy! I'm not that into her but I hope she's a sport! I had to set an example for being who you are when choosing! I prefer to be honest and have little tolerance for devil worshiping scheme! Illuminati isn't all bad but if they are Devil worshipping then that explains many of the crazy omen with the stars! Still they make choices and I want all the young ones to be able to set their food down when not comfortable and not just go with flow!

I'm no sorcerer and don't cast a spell but I can discern a bad scheme and trend! Kabbala is simply money making lure and the people supporting it are charlatants! I hope they wake up! Everything has a repercussion.

Anyhow! I hope your Valentines better than mine! Of course it is! I'm in a Hostel just hangin out! I'm headed 4 comedy!


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