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on November 17, 2011 - 12:31am

The story of Fatima

Fatima has been deep into her writing and Luke has been ever more curious what is brewing in her mind.  Fatima the muslim muse of Luke's is an enigma to many.  Luke browses through the archives of Fatima's facebook in guise of female character named Maha.  

Fatima wrote a Poem of a the 5 Ladies on Horses...

Five ladies on horses
Riding the dunes
The desert wind calls them one by one
Like a star in the night their 
horses glow
Their veils would shimmer
Vivid and bright 
Like neon on lights

They come a dashing 
From far flung places
Where they are from 
Marks their deep and secret traces

Each one with scar
Of yester years
A long and drawn out story 
with trace of tears...

The mark that bears 
memories of old
The pain and sorrow 
that's healed by morrow

The ladies ride in majesty
Grace of wind waves their veils
Their eyes are vibrant, humble and subdued
Awaiting a song from a ray of clouds

A globe of crystal forms by a distance
Beneath the ray of shooting star...
A song is heard only they can decipher
Heavenly language of angelic sounds

They radiated grace and beauty
Far beyond the naked eyes
A spirit of longing felt at each fabrics wave 

Cymbals sound at each horse footstep
Rain and dash of dew glimmers

The story is about 5 women who will meet a calling of a voice in the desert.  They are the muse of the Arts and Science that travels through time and space and responds to calling of Most High.  They ride with a shroud of veil to conceil their face from many people they inspire.  Only the echoe of ones voice and a shadow can trace them.  Like a jackstone star they each are paired with the light of the sun.  Their veils shift into the scepter they each carry like swords.  Their veils form a cord paired into a criss-cross as a form of Unity to the Creator.  

Yu Ting - Red veil, chop sticks, wooden ladle, black hair, she makes recipes,she moves like rain, anoint with spoon and olive, uses chopsticks on hair and uses them for orchestra. She beats on drum. She has a funny way of singing to rap and classic music. She loves to feed everyone with her chopsticks. She teases with food. She dances and turns to a red Jackstone.

Horse Name- blossom

Esther - Yellow veil, flute, strings, blond hair, moves with bell. She orchestrates the pagentry of women. Heals with music. She is capable of washing away curses with her musical instruments and teaches many children in their music lessons. Birds are her trademark along with the Yellow jackstones.

Horse name- Holly

Norah - Blue  veil, paint brush, brown hair, Uses her hair as a brush, she sculps, moves with chimes, healer of the muse with a touch.  She dances and creates colors on fabric with Sadiyah. She directs the light and blots out greys. She paints with her fingers and marks literature. She can get sloppy with her work from time to time. Blue jackstones.

Horse name = Jack

Celeste - Purple veil,   Feathered pen, scripts, red hair, curly, designs, the architect, director of light, stories and sounds, narratives, moves like wind. She makes list of prayers and presents it heavenward. Birds are her carrier of message. She makes invitations. Purple jackstones.

Horse name - Sofia

The ladies do encur damages and pain but they each take care of each other. They leave a jackstone at a designated place of celebration and healing.

Sadiyah- White veil, loom -she weaves, black woolen hair for musical notes and weaves clothing, creates fabrics and embroideries, she moves with drum beats. She is the fabric of sound waves, the comforting mother to all the women. She creates the ladies attire for each occasion and tucks the girls in bed. white and black jackstones.
horse name - Bolly

All sings and dances- like tossed jackstones star from a crimson light.  These women meet at celebrations and weddings and comes like a pigment of imagination in dreams, visions and aspirations.  

Fatima writes a story about her long lost Aunt as inspired by her mother whose passion has been to lift up the women in Iran from the law that has far suppressed their power like a bird whose wings are held back.  Her family escaped Iran from the tyranny of the new regime.  Fatima's mother inspired the entire family in the escape.  Fatima's mother Sabah is social activist for the Muslim Women's league with a deep secret of believing in the name "Jesus."  She kept her veil on occasion to identify with women in need of a sister.  The death toll for many of the women in Islam is too high a price to pay and therefore being hidden in the veil is a solemn refuge to the painful teaching that Shariah has imposed.  

Fatima in light of her mother's inspiration kept her veil for her mother.  Each night they would tell stories of women from many walks of life.  Her mother would comb her luscious long black hair.  "We do not wear our veils as a pledge to Islam but as a pledge to the women who for so many years need others to identify with them!"  "Our Sisterhood"  her mother always mentioned is sacred for these women.  Her family practiced sufism but Fatima being ever so adventurous manage to research further into the tennets of Bhuddism and Christianity.  Who is this -"Jesus"?  

Fatima is the one of the most beautiful poet Luke has ever met....She radiates a glow unlike most other students.  Her veil attracts more attention than she intends.  Many students has found it fashionable to scarf up and dress up like she does.  Including of course.... Luke.  

Fatima gathers up with the Ladies in class to further discuss her script and character building for all the muses.  

Fatima, Corrine, Mai, Madur, Lara Lei, and Mischia browsed thru the Internet to create the characters appearance along with their horses. Mai took Yuting Lee for her subject and Maduri focused on Norah. Corrine worked on Esther, Michia focused on Celeste and Lara Lei took Sadiyya.

The students are so focused on their work and made a collage. They all researched various countries like India, China, Russia, Turkey, Ethiopia, Greece, Israel and Italy to draw inspiration. They decided that the scenery will be mystical with a bit of comedy.

Each muse will be so engrossed on their work but will have obstacles due to the work of Legion and the Kadijez. Yu Ting will make bread, Esther plays music, Celeste write dedication, recipe and invitation. Sadiyya for mantle, Norah for candles! All the muse needs each other to cleanse themselves from the enemies darts and attacks! On the one hand they are all very whimsical and on the other resourceful.

To be continued...

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