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Josh Fever!

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on March 28, 2011 - 1:28am

Dear Josh,

It's a wonderful time in history for me to be a part of your fan and journal. I do not take it lightly to have a place to speak out my mind. I am so thrilled of the many developments and transformation of the entertainment industries. There will be much enlightenment and direction underway.

I can read people as the powers that be YHVH allows. The love of the Father is upon you. I do not wish for anyone to believe me more than the Father in heaven. In Him do I trust and my life depended on Him Alone - YHVH. Yashuah Jesus Christ, My Lord and savior. This I impart upon you and your family. The vine of whom I want you to bare in mind all the days of your life.

Greater is He Who is within me. I am a human being who makes mistakes. All the mistakes are mine and all the good is of the Lord. I seek to protect the children as I am commanded. I am willing for all the big who ha to hate me for these children to succeed in bringing the right message. I have more I would like to say but the Lord Himself will provide you with the wisdom as He feels fit.

I have a very observant vision. My intuition is high as the Lord provides me with the perception needed to find that which needs magnification. I do have a temper at times and it's not the Lord's but mine. I deserve the correction at times as I do get carried away when I see devastation occur and people don't get it. There are many who knows the truth but are shut out due to fear. That I seek to break in the Lord's name. I aim to teach it to others.

The negative and positive end of every sybolism is clear to me but not to many. IlluminaZion is what you have. The illuminati is bound to split. But it's up the Lord and not me. The fear is all that keeps people shackled. I take it lightly but I know its monumental for people so I will help them break it down. The key is the heart and direction to the Lord - it's not the symbol that matters but the heart! The words have power and music from a believer is powerful. I have many examples of them. Rebecca Black is providential. It's tearing down shackles. She is not aware of the Power of her voice as much as I do. It's laughable but the Lord works in wondrous ways. All the criticism is actually a good thing for the children.

In every illuminati conspiracy is in fact a hiden key and a turn around switch that people can tap into if they look up to the name YHVH - Jesus Christ. There is always a way...Turn the cards around. Straight up...Now tell me...Straight up now tell me. Most singers have the gift of the Holy Spirit which is destroyed by the false teachings but can be obtained upon remembrance. The ephemeral success is not enough when the spiritual void is recognized. The plan is to keep distracting the children. Just look at many of the women being lured into seduction. Charlotte Church is one example. I know why the musicians alighned. They are half reformed artist due to their money orientation but they are looking for a hole out of it. Things take a while to get cleared until the Holy Spirit is allowed in. The increase in techno and dubb over is due to the disappearance of the Holy Spirit once people become corrupted.

The virtue is in their names. They are reminded of who they are in God's eyes. The answers are very simple. You got them in your lyrics. It's in the tunes. It's in the air. Wise a serpent, gentle as dove.

The Lord Bless you and keep you and family.

Jackie / Apple/ Illera

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