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Josh sayin

EstherT1's picture
on January 19, 2011 - 1:00am

Dear Josh,
In all honesty I love your music and you are about as celestial as any star could ever be. I love your personality and in so many ways I sense your voice and presence. Truly you have this effect on every woman and I praise you for that! You are a definite charm and beauty among the gems. I don't know what is you and not you as so many people seem to try to be you.

I apologize if you find me weird but you don't realize that on twitter I have to relay how I feel good and bad because I can't contain the information to myself even if it's not gospel. I you wish for me not to right anymore give me a hint. I will come off of journaling. I'll use my you tube. You are the only one I've ever followed up on as a singer all my life. I wish you the galaxy and beyond. Thank you for all the fun times on twitter even if it's not you! I loved the funnies.

I found new avenues that I love. Just ignore my craziness on twitter and nobody follows me so I'm not surprise! I'm still in Toronto, another day to check on films and look around.

I don't mention you to anyone of my friends and family other than being your no. one fan so it's not like they would think I'm that crazy to think you are mine.

I don't die easy so I'll nurse my little heart to life in no time at all. I already know that you will have a name so big the world and heavens have only amazing things to say.

Forgive me for all miscommunication and if for any offense be real or not. I do not plan on hitting you either. I can't even come near you in a crowd.
You name I always hold dear to my heart - the voice that change me and kept me alive. The universe is not the same without you!

I'll be back to work soon as needed then I'll be moving where God tells me where green or not.

I'd wish you the greatest joy and happiness life can bring!

Knight Josh...

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