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Keeping Sabbath...

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on March 17, 2012 - 5:42pm

With all the things to do...keeping Sabbath Holy is not so easy...but let me try my best...Sleeping after church is how I spent the Sabbath...Then meet with family...

It was really funny that when I awoke I got a message to pay attention at the church and take note...The entire message is a long drawn out explanation of keeping Sabbath Holy. That's it...And the official Jewish uniform is really...

The Pajamas...

Baruch attah Adonai (bend you knees and bow)

reminds me of Japanese bowing.

I had a vision today as my friend sent me out messages of cleansing my mind and spirit...At first I thought he might have sent it in random but I suppose it's true...I cried out in prayer today and cried...I needed a rest and spent my time at church with my eyes closed.

Does this mean I should never work on Saturdays anymore? I supposed it's a good thing.

While at church I had a vision... I was crowned with a Candle on over my head...And I danced keeping the candle lite. Funny how graceful one becomes when you have to keep the light on your head. It was a sweet vision...I can relish in it.

And all the worries and negativity seems to go away.

Perhaps I have to find a balance between reading the news and clearing my mind of the bad stuff that happens.

Truly in Awe of Yashuah's love giiving the day of rest to nourish our minds, hearts and souls. The spirit is one and all must rest no matter what.

I feel so humbled that in my vision I cried to so many people asking to do that which is good friends and foes we must pray for all...a greater understanding of life and love rest on fellowship and prayers...healing and restoration of our soul.

May all find peace and understanding in the name of Yashuah! Jesus Christ...

Thank You for the day of Rest!


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