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The Key to Suicide Prevention

EstherT1's picture
on September 28, 2011 - 12:54pm

To all the good people of Hollywood who cares to prevent the death of teenagers from suicide. Nationa Suicide Prevention hotline 1-800-273-Talk. Thank you for Donating to Suicide prevention. You will be richly blessed as in Jeremiah 29:11

Give good example to children that teaches them how to be a role model to others. Expect great things to happen to them. Feed their minds with the truth that overcomes.

I pray for hollywood to grow their conscience and to feel the very sentiment of parents who wish their children to grow up knowing what is right and wrong. But when you see majority of the movies, video games and music turn people into a raging perverts, criminals and bottom dwellers - that hurts them. When children are thought to kill their minds and souls wih senseless images and subliminal evil designs and messages that is not right. When reality shows teach what is vile and disgusting that hurts the Father in Heaven.

I'm just one sould knocking the doors of people's mind. I love freedom of expression. I love many things good, kind and silly. I just happen to have compassion for the people who in the name of god killed themselves. The weak souls tormented.

I thank the good peole of Hollywood and the media for stepping up and teaching the truth. We can all do this! Let's be a good example for the teenagers to aspire to have a future and express beauty rather than rebellion.

I trust as I say this prayer in this Journal to the Most High that they hear me! I love you Lord and I know and many will know how you love them Jeremiah 29:11.



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