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Lady Lacy

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on December 7, 2010 - 5:42pm

Lacy is a gem
I knew back when in pain she cries
She lost her favorite daughter
She was depressed and almost out of life
She has a beautiful name
It's lovely and sweet

I took care of her
Till she made it out of the room
Like flower on a bloom

Despite her age
She is a beauty
Blond and blue eyed
What a cutie!

She can speak like a teenager
Laughs like like a young woman
Sharp as a tack
She may even call your past and future
Just like that

She gets seizures and much pain
But with me she's happy
I'd take her out and sing her songs
Put on her make up and laugh along

We were vain
We were happy
I dress her up
To the tee
And call her my queen
And Lady!

She tells me story with such
We speak of boys, lovers and
Tons of history

I prayed as Christian
She prayed like a Jew!
We even sing and dance a tune
One day she wasn't feeling well
Still we went out for sunshine by day

She look for west and blow an imaginary horn
It sound crazy but I played along
Here it is she'd say
And off we go on wheels and pray

I brought her food
And stretch her legs!
She'd exercise best she can
Her pain is deep but she still smiles
She has the looks of one who sees a million miles

She married best a bout a few times
She'd tease me bout boys and old sweet lines
She was fun with unfailing beauty
She radiates with love, grace and endless duty

I give everything!
God knows I give it all!
I do my best!
Her tender touch is like gold
I feel her spirit laced with gems of old

We have to help each other now
I few times she said to me
But I said, "I'm the therapist here dear lacy!"

I will teach you she says!
I can sense thing that's wrong and shift it!
My father knew my gift
He held me back many times

So when things are coming
I learned to ask
It shifts the tide and change the course

I healed the line to the President
I don't tell anyone that!

It was late September when I was online
You tube is best to say a few lines
I would like to help the world
With pen in the sky
Long as they don't see me
Along, says I

I'd come to work and Lacy smiles
Your up there aren't you?
I'd raise an eye and attempt not to lie
Next day she'd say
They'll make you a linen
That's absurd say's I

A few more weeks she'd say they light up
When they see you!
I'd say, Lacy what's up with you?
And act as if I have not a clue

More words of wisdom are shared
She is one who know me well I say

Shed give me clothes I hesitate
Later I bring her shirts and trinkets
Before it's late

I spoke of Christ
She thanked me
She ask me to be her daughter
I say, I'm your Lacy

her real daughter is also Jackie that's why
I don't have a mom no more
And she's like mine!

Those were food times despite the pain
I'd think if her like rain
She even wants to skip town
And watch a concert
Of brown hair brown eyed
Josh Groban in November

It's very difficult I said
Maybe one day he'll be here instead
So I had her listen to Josh CD
Then the whole nursing home wants
More CD's
I suppose Josh is quite a dandy
and a lovely player

I tell this story to one who had an ear!
She loves you near and far
And loved so dear
Lacy is my star
And you are hers!
She blond blue eyed beauty
And I'm like her nurse!

Wild story how to tell
She gives out lovely thoughts
To people who barely knows her well

She seeks for kindness, love
And passion despite her sorrow
and sad stories and condition
She praises well and bless all the bridge
Like London tower over murky water
Despite the risk

She's mystic and I'm in a cloud
The sky is blue and my heart pounds aloud
I miss her now and ever more
She left me the land, sky and wind
To explore...

Few more weeks she's not been well
But she would quote me of a man she knew so well
He roars like a lion she says
They are using my bell

I thought she's funny
She does have a bell with a sail from Monterey
I have a sailboat made antique at home
from Monterey Carmel

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