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Lara Lei's Story

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on February 5, 2012 - 2:10am

Ninie was feeling sick but it's Abbat Time soon and Eddie will not be happy if she's late again. Ninie invited Sussie to the Twinago...

Ninie is tempted to bring all her snacks but remembered Eddie saying "Don't forget there is an Oneck! You don't need to eat till after the service!"

Sussie came with her on account of a flight school team going to the Twinago..."All the good lookin flockers are going so I better go!" She puts on her Bird veil with blue trimmings. Ninie goes, " Sussie you look fabulous with that veil! I'm bringing my scratch pad to take notes!" I have some dance moves too from the Butter tail exercises! (she demonstrates to Sussie) Too the left to the left...come da twite! To da Twite!" Sussie, " Check it out girl! Now don't get too riske with the moves the twigs are a little weak!" Ninie, " Are you calling me fat? I'm trying to loose wait with my low locust diet and non-fat worm!" Sussie, " I don't mean that it's just that those boys are gonna be checking you out more than praying to Addie!"

Eddie came to pick up the Ninie and Sussie. "Thank you daddie for taking us! It was a nice lift!" The too snuck in the twinago! The twinago is up on the luscious Olive tree. If you come in late you have to sit at the far away branch. Sussie goes," Ninie there's Yash and Nich!" Yash and Nick are wearing their Twippah for the service. Ninie's tail started twirling..." Yash has pretty plums!" Sussie, "I think he's checking us out!" Ninie, " Ohh! I'm so embarrassed...I think he saw me blushed!"

The service went on and the Twabbi started..."TwAruch Twittah Twidonai!" The two did their little bend and bow. Sussie, " you do a good job doing the curtsey for Addie Ninie!"

All of a sudden Ninie started sneezing right at the meat of the twermon! "Twitchoo! twitchoo! Ohh! choose-me! etchoose meh!" The Twabbi looked at her and continued..."Now we will proceed to the twittimoney! Does anybody have any twittimoney for Addie?" A young hen flocker goes, "Twabbi! After the twervice last weekend I found an unexpected Peas by my nestdoor...It was just perfect for my family...we had a good Peas for dinner! Thank you Addie!" Everyone cheered and wistled..
Ninie sneezed again. "Choose-meh!" Eddie gave Ninie a mint pea for her throat. Twabbi goes, " And Ninie do you have a twitimoney!" Ninie, "Oh Twabbi I am just happy for by daily peas and termites! I'm also twankful for all my friends and Sussie made great brownie with crunky beetles! I would like to teach the young flockers some dance for Addie later" Twabbi, " Well twonderful to hear that!"

So the music started playing with the soundtrack from "Eauty and the Bees!" Ninie gathered the little flockers for their dance. "This is two step" The little flocker formed a circle and followed Ninies dance moves, " Right twirl and back...Left twirl back!" And the music goes..."Tail as old as times...Twoot as it it may bee...Euty and the Bees!"

Then the entire flocks followed the Twabbi to the birds nest to bless the eggs! Everyone tweeted for joy! "The Joy of Addie is our Stwent!"

Mai was reading Lara Lei's story..."This is so cute Lara! Where did you get this inspiration" Lara Lei..."Oh! I just made it know how it is when you have to go to the church!" Mai, "really? That would be fun to dance at the church...We usually just sit down, kneels and recite! Your church must be really fun!" Lara Lei, " Not enough good looking flockers unfortunately!" Mai laughs.

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