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Last Supper

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on January 20, 2011 - 11:15pm

Hi Josh! Yes! I'll sing if given practice! My voice is not consistent and I'm not educated singer at all. But if Michael Angelo did the painting on Fresco despite his will, I'll sing even if my voice cracks!

Platinum! Amazing! Silver is more than gold at times! Just the write metal for this piece!

Last Supper
Leonardo Da Vinci was friends with Michael Angelo and highly verse in all sciences like Galileo - they are all exchanging information via books and coffee. The inspirations are exponential as both men are not full flung believers but inspired despite hesitation and produced the pre-filmed design of the Old and New Testament. Leonardo da Vinci took years to finish the Last Super. This is fictional as it does not fit the Biblical description nor actual room pattern. The upper room or any other place will never match the design of Last Supper as it is a representation not a Biblical design. All Jewish items are there so that says he is either a Jew or he is familiar with Jewish symbolism.
In case you miss it on twitter!
Background music (Cardiology and Hidden Away )
It's here so now it's your turn to get to the directors - Dan Brown didn't even see this. I'm not done cracking all paintings and I like all the bugsy last Supper. Someone is already picking up the lines elsewhere like a waving water!

Return to being a child and move the Last Supper like a Child and you will find.
1. Menorah - entryway at the bottom and white pillars as the candle! The table becomes the connection from the stem to the light panels and outdoor
2. Musical design 5 lines note sheet and see the black and white keys on the panel
3. Ladder design behind the apostles are continuous film without print and also depicts a rail or roller coaster rail.
4. Below Christ is the stage or empty tomb without the stone (rolled out stone missing).
5. Mantel is a large tallit - very familiar design and almost a tzi-tzi on the end of the edges!
Use by groom

In many Sephardic communities, the groom traditionally wears a tallit under the chuppah (wedding canopy). In Ashkenazi communities, a more widespread custom is that the groom wears a kittel, although many Ashkenazim have in recent years started to wear a tallit according to the Sephardic custom.
As wedding canopy

A tallit is commonly spread out as a canopy at the wedding ceremony. This may be done either instead of or in addition to the regular chuppah.
6. Christ wears the same color as many flags - Red White
Blue are all friendly colors for Israel so that's easy flow of the Holy
Spirit - that includes China!! send out the bug to the Oval office. Advisors needed.
7. The scene is inside the phylacteries so it's chaotic on the table and the expressions are worrisome. The scene is not a real place but a stage! Leonardo could not finish it for years!
8. The feet are showing the Jewish Sandals!
9. Shin symbolism for El Shaddai on both panels right and left 4 dark lines
10. Background scene forms E for Energy=3=III
11. Popcorns is just a joke because I get this vision of Christ eating popcorn with saints and sitting in the movies watching!
12. The hand of Jesus Right pulling or grabing something and Left open asking for something / giving thanks!
13. Kippa on top of middle doorway above Jesus head!
14. Roller Coaster is just for fun. Come on it was a very cute touch! I was so thrilled with that one!
15. Crucifixion happened outside so the 3 exits which will then have the crosses. Also the transfiguration are 3 with Moses and Elijah!
16. Tefillin finger binding look like a F C clef and the entire wraping could be G-clef. The Plates can float over the above musical lines.
( I sure wish I'm not the only looney picking this up! )
Up finger was really funny because in different culture pointing whether thumb or Middle or pointer can be bad. St. Phillip and St. John were definitely telling people to keep it UPP! Upple should be my new nickname

Cardiology means Cards for kids and turn all the pictures around. It's one of the Truth U ideas of flipping things up

I will be checking into the Sistine Chapel design as it is more clearly defining both progression of Old and New Testament. The center is Genesis fall of man and
The 1st century BC includes the years 100 BC to 1 BC. Arc of
Titus - see what looks like limelight or a Film!

Ossuaries look like the Sistine Chapel exterior

P.S. Directors needed and storyline to be integrated. Comedy or Tragedy?

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