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Laughter Begins with me!

EstherT1's picture
on June 16, 2012 - 7:21am

Pey = mouth 
Pey Dro = Peter
Pay = paid

I just want to brag and let all of Holkywood know that my one classmate rose from the dead...her name is Aries Arline Espina -  see her on Facebook.  My classmates prayed for her and donated.  I prayed.  For a while they said raised is going to funeral.   I cried and I asked Jesus why my prayers are not answered.  Then  I just found today she had a second life!  It was a Victory for all my class!  

I'm asking themLord for more Money!  I want to multiply The Josh Groban Fan and funds for children's music.  Nobody who knows the truth should suffer in silence.  The truth will appear in all manifestations.  Music is very powerful.  

I have a few people I support...Josh Please give to Ruth Kennedy Israel at YWAM.  There is also Commit Ministries in Kenya by the name Michelle.  World Ministries Kelly Kosky at Trans Africa, Intervarsity Jeff Miller, Campus Crusade Cindy Yalda.  Rodney Franks -Revivalist! Rod wants to be on stage! Their dreams matter to me but I can't be alone to make it happen! Recruit! Recruit!

These are the people who has toiled come what may.  I don't have all the time and money right now and I'm giving up California for this cold city named after me for a reason.  

I have to move the comedic world into a new voice.  Breaking down glass ceilings.  Comedy is changing and it begins with me.  "I make fun of everybody... Starting with myself!" 

Are we doing good here?  Everyone on the ball?   I suppose that's a yes!  I'm expecting miracles in the Josh Groban arena!  Free Hebrew lessons keep popping up on this screen.  I suppose that's our duty!  Free Hey Bro!  

Josh Groban to No. 1. = wI' (Hebrew script) = el' (Hebrew curs-eve). 

Josh to Jew = You = w+ 1'

Beth = B = 1(Vav) + w= Shaddai 
13 el I Eve !

You R more than a Musician Josh are a message!  At 1!  

More power to Jew/Jouw/You!  Josh!  

Thank You from the bottom of my Heart!

Apple of My Eye/ I

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