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Live Kelly!

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on July 17, 2012 - 1:03am

OK! Let me tell you this much...I love Live Kelly... especially with Josh Groban as co-host. What else...I still love Kelly Ripa even just by herself with variety of co-host.

If I wasn't working I would be there!
Kelly works well with men...Of course. She is lovely. I love Ms Smith! Although that would look like the View! The intellectual woman from DC...I love women with class and good taste. That's just me. I think they'll make a good orio cookies. Ms. Smith takes her time to speak and listens.

I have a feeling they want to have Buckley and I must say he can be fun but he speaks way toooh fast and Kelly needs a good listener not another talker. I want Kelly to shine as usual. Buckley will take center stage and it's not really what morning should look like. But that's just my thoughts. Now if he can slow down and be more of a gentleman...come on! Nobody can be gay all the time! Just saying. Neil Patrick Harris, Seth Myers would be good and also the guy at what not to wear. Kelly needs a man that caters to her presence!

I love gentlemen next to Kelly that gives courtesy and good conversation. May I, Please, Sure, Thank You is very greatful to hear! Now the play is important... Versatility and a good mannerism. Now tomorrow I'll see how the Brit and the two others.

Anyhow this is just a co-host for a few weeks? or months? If I have my pick of course Josh Groban...But honestly...How is this gonna work with the play? You have too much to deal with already. Like going on a date with me! I give great massages! I can even fix shoulders...among other things you know! Professionally or perhaps less than professionally...Only if Josh insist of course! Hand cuffs are optional and only if you insist of course...I will even saw up a nice velvet lace to make it very comfortable...Scratch that idea...hands need to be free for a nice touches in strategic places...I'm not that crazy...Not unless it's required.

Going back to Kelly Live! Smart gal for not co-hosting with her husband. Some things are better off private. Don't loose the sizzle! I can tell a good gentleman is all it takes to get the show going. Honestly I could picture her with a man with country voice but a lot of class. This is going to make the American quite fascinated. A little southern accent and fine style. It's bound to wow the audience.

Kelly needs a calm voice next to her, humble and a really good lead who can calm her down and gear her up! Sometimes a little smile is all it takes and Kelly slows down to a deerlike halt like a beauty pageant winner!

Josh...Amerian Idol not a bad idea! Kelly! Hmm...Perhaps Dancing with the Star! Don't forget "4" Play is hot and heavy...There's a lot of work in the production and needs a lot of time. But of course...whatever your heart desires! Oh help us G-d! America needs good role models and counselors.

I can't believe I'm writing about this like it's yesterdays news...

Gotta go...


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