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Love and Forgiveness

EstherT1's picture
on November 24, 2012 - 11:52am

Can Love be any more complicated? When we have to love the people we hate and our enemies...This is by far the most difficult commandment of Jesus Christ. I love and therefore, life is never boring...Just complicated. Complicated because I love...I love Josh Groban and all my friends even when they think differently....That's the beauty of it all! But it gets painful and mind boggling so I pray for PEACE...Peace is good! I can rest and cry at the foot of the cross...Because the burden of Loving is a hard one. Yet we are called to love and it's what matters in the end.

Love is easy to say...hard to follow and even harder to do every day unless one understands the LOVE of God is exponential...God is so forgiving but He is also Just. I love! I love! I Love! Here I am in this compolicated world I love...I am commanded to forgive and love...It only gets easier as I yoke with the Lord Jesus Christ.

We can't solve the world's problem...But we can choose to love...even when it is difficult...Love despite the pain...Love despite the sadness. Victory is standing with the Lord. When pain and sorrow rest...Rest in the Lord...Love everyone...forgive...It's the hardest commandment...

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