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Lovingly Yours!

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on May 28, 2012 - 8:29am

I had a wonderful dream last night!  I saw Josh Groban visit me!  It was like a dream come true even if it's just a dream.  I enjoyed every minute of it!  

I am in a season of recovering Eve!  In due time the world will recall her.  It will not take long till people catch up!  Those who are blind are not deaf!  They can hear everything.   It's a matter of focusing. I am so much in love of the Word! I have so much love as I read the Word!  To all beloved Jews. You are not alone!  The Lord is with you

I just want to share to all that in the coming months...we will prepare and at the end of the year...we will witness the extend of which the Lord's will be abided by those who listen.  2013 is when a mass awakening of the Jews will take place!  The roaring has to happen!  It is strongly advise that all Jews turn off television commercials and focus on the word as we speak!  Focus on that which is of God and not of man's devise.   Beloved Jews need to focus on Zion for it is the promise and the answer for Peace unto mankind! 

Grace be upon all Jews these coming season and much love!  The Lord cherished his beloved children more than price gold!  Prepare now before fall and those who hear are blessed indeed.  Focus on that which is of the Torah!  Take heed and be wise.  Be in one Spirit for the coming months challenges will come...we are to repent and prepare in every way!  Show love unto all mankind and speak the Love of God!  Empty from pretense and be a good vessel of love and simplicity. 

Keep Holy the Sabbath and gather people!  Speak of the Father first and foremost!  Identify with the Son!  Be of good cheer!  Each one will have a role! The sleeping giant will awaken!  The JOY OF THE LORD IS OUR STRENGTH!    L' Haim!  

Lovingly Yours,


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