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May the 444 be with Yah!

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on May 28, 2011 - 10:29pm

My mind has just been twirling like a tap
I'm going over my letter equation and finding more and more
coincidences which I had brought to some pastors attention.
I'll be doing some Stand up Comedy and did two open mics.
I'm only bound to get better and I can sense that a great shift in comediy will
take place. I'm doing some acting class for my own sanity and outlet otherwise I'll be staring at every event you have wishing I could be there.
I'm a little out of order trying to figure out which state I would go.
I can sense that something will come up and in the meantime I'll stay local till you get to Cali Phony Ahh! I just want to give those cheecks kisses Josh!
You are so lovely. I wanna roll all my apples around you! I could really use a good snuggle right now but all I have are 3 comforters! I miss those days of twit tease and twit cusses and kisses! Yet, I need time off the twitter to unwind my mind otherwise I'd be giving opinions to unsuspecting individuals. Not a day or hour do I not think of you and your songs. I have to stop listening to them just to be refreshed before your concert here in California.

I truly do need some time to just organize my life and receive the message from above for one like me. I know in my heart we will meet and finally converse. But that means I would have to let my foot do the talking since you seem to like to refer to your feet quite often. You like feet a lot or something...You stare down on the ground for some footsy cues. It's so cute to watch you on interviews.

When you siing you pour out your heart but when you speak you listen to cues, selectively choose the words that promotes agreement and enthusiasm. You cherish each word you say like it's a fruit and shares them like apple to each one you meet! It's kindda funny and cute but very sophisticated! As if words can tickle your ears at each syllable. I'm not sure if you interpret things in multiple ways but you love to give double meaning that makes one wonder what box of chocolate syllables just entered your cerebral cortex to ignite the next topic. Giving emotion to each word and chuckling depending on the humour is quite a give away! You are a very....ney man! But I could be wrong!

I suppose I'm not the only one who likes to kill to birds with one stone but you definitely hit the market the right time when all needs quite an invitation for a new inspiration that is intimate and yet dashing with romance. I would like to see more of the sense of homour coming out of you! You can certainly use more of mine as they are very exciting and full of double meanings.

It's no wonder my name is Jack Que Line - I can que you a line that will last a lifetime. I'm also Jockey! Iokey and Yack que line. Whatever they mean it's up to you.

Joshua = Yo Shu Ah = I oshua! This means that you are a better diplomat than I am since not one letter of your name goes straight! You flirt with words all the time and loves shoes! You like to be amenable and lead people on to the next topic without them realizing it. It's funny how you take control without acting like you are taking control. That's really cool.

You are an old soul and somewhere frozen in time I've met you before I can't quite place my finger on it but the moment I've seen your face as absurd as it was something told me I know you. Honestly, I'm never impressed by any star nor performers. I see them all as human beings. I admire them and love them persona but I'm never crazy over anyone. With you it's not even fanatisism but familiar that it makes me cry! There's a deep sentiment I sense just looking at your face Josh. Quite different from anyone that I've seen before. I'm really entralled by the entire experience.

Anyhow I want you to picture me on one of the cute drums when your onstage! I will be the keys as well and the resonating mic. See you are never alone with any instrument! You will be with me and you can even give me a spankin!

Ohh! it's getting long...I should sign off or sigh off! Thinking of you just sent shivers down my spine. Those cheeks are mine! I will hold gently and give them kisses! Snuggles and shackies!

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