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Meet the Stars

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on July 23, 2011 - 10:24am

Tu era rubia y sus ojos azules reflejando la gloria del dia.. Wanda enters her journal depicting the life of Evita Peron. What is it about women that inspires the world to the point of exultation. This image of Mary came to her mind. Fascinating how all the churches in Rome are being dedicated to Mother Mary when in fact Jesus is truly the message of the Bible. There are the women saints like Bernadette, Katherine, Teresa of Avila and then there are those women like Evita.

Evita is like a Saint but not the most virtuous one. It's a far cry however to have put Madonna as a role model next to her. Funny how the women who has put the Lord's name in vain would be center stage in the media while the real women who has devoted life and solitude are dismissed as a boring lifeless creature and ridiculed for tasteless lifestyles. Seduction buys them all Wanda thought. This image of a human idol is so pathetic. Yet it's what everyone goes after. Is it simply because they are people who somehow have flesh and alive at the moment that we dole out our attention? Better a sinful human with a flesh rather than an invisible virtuous Saint. Could it be that we are worshipping ourselves more so than loving the exemplar lives of Saints and the life of Christ? Could we truly aim to be like Saints? Are we stuck to the illusion of the profane in exchange for the glory of the saintly lives that magnify the Lord? Do we settle for short term comfort in exchange for eternal salvation? Or do we inccesantly know that guilt of our affinity towards worldly flesh and infuse our human ideals as better than biblical truths. Afterall who wants judgement. The illusion of control and sophistication perhaps settles the guilt and dampens the conscience for a little while.

She thought of Lacy as a great inspiration to her life ---much like Evita Peron. Lacy has pulled her family out of depression from loosing her mother to a new life in the US simply because she loves her as a daughter much as her mother loved her. Lacy is quick to let Wanda knows the love she has for the Lord and how quickly she looses sight of Him for the comfort of human attention and wordly vices. Lacy would say, "Wanda honey, Do as I say not what I do... Take the good from the bad...Be greater in the eyes of the One. I'm a sinner with my heart on my sleeve. Wanda you are a precious child beyond my own comprehension." Lacy's is never too far away...A constant reminder for Wanda. She hears her graceful words and well thought out phrases, funny, exciting, best of all delightful. It's Lacy who has inspired Wanda to be a role model for other children. She wants to expand her family through their hearts, minds and spirit! They are an extension of herself...long as she keeps away from sin... "I can't afford to fall into sin.." Mr. Bastiani entered her mind. She recalls the times she found her eyes glued on his lips as he spoke those words. " I expect a lot out of your class! Do not fail me Ms. Lee...I depend on you.." Wanda replies, " I won't let you down Shawn...I mean Mr. B."

The lifes surrgogate mothers are so crucial in todays society...When you can travel and know that another mother await your coming and embraces you with such delight...This is Lacy for Wanda...a spiritual mother whose imperfection she can negate simply because her love for her is pure...

Wanda awaits her friends - All the single ladies of rehabilitations and psychology. Estella, Eva, Maria, Michelle and Michaela. All the women who have been such an inspiration and moral support through the years of her ups and downs. They were there when she lost her husband Mr. Hen. It's this circle of women and Lacy that has grounded her in life. The pond of her life even when vultures come her way. There are always friends to her rescue and foster parents to pick up the piesces at every desasters and waves of life.

Loosing Mr. Hen is a terrible ordeal. It's like losing a soulmate. The only consolation she has is knowing that as Mr. Hen believed in life after death... She should at least aim for the heavenly realm

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