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Mia Per Sempre - tear out my larynx! I'm singing

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on August 1, 2012 - 12:31am

So I did a quickie song...more like a marathon...I was so tired afterwards. Anyhow, I'm working on my voice em mim. I'm lost for words here...There are no words...An oxymoron really. I'm not drunk or anything but after singing in my car in the cold and running around the block like a lost squirrel I can honestly tell you...Singing is one great workout!

I did a video of Mia Per Sempre but I'm too shy to post that here. I was goofing off as usual. I'll need some time to practice with my teacher first or at least get an approval. I'll be practicing my Hi-C! with Juice!

Anyhow...I still remember when someone threaten to tear out my larynx and replace them with his. It was a great idea by the way! Thank you...Yo...shhh!



P.S. I'll be meeting with a counselor to settle my heart and soul. I'll be singing to end all my frustrations. You had me at Alejate! Hope you have a wonderful day

What the flock was that blog all about Dec. 2009. Why do I know that painting? You are the one drummer boy. This is so crazy!

I've been the butt of many jokes before...I'm not going to be a horrible little singer as well. I can't believe what messed I've done in the last year. Don't know if I can redeem myself. I tried burying myself in tears but it never changed. This post script is too long. Why is it Post Script anyhow or Script Post? INRI?

Love You!

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