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on August 16, 2011 - 6:58pm

Mischa and Maduri were at the dance studio practicing Indian dance for a wedding presentation. Rashid plays drums next door in great syncrony. The two girls danced with sashes of multicolored silk and linen. They pulled out the castanets to play in synchrony witht he drums Rashid plays next door. Multicolored powder bins are found in the sack for theater decor. Mischa spined and spread her arms mid air like a swan while her feet swiftly moved barely touching ground. Maduri echoes her movement in exchange and flyig like butterflies midair. Mischa spined and lost control crashing into the pile of multicolored powder/sand. The two started laughing and tossing colored powder. They continued playing with their castanets and in the foggy air of multi colored hue Rashid entered the room from a distance. He smiled sweetly realizing that the two girls were enjoying his drumbeats next door. Somehow Rashid stuttered and made a quick exit.

Mischa goes home and somehow couldn't take her mind off Rachid. The contour of his face, the shoulders and his drumbeats. Then she goes, "OH my G-d, He is also a Muslim! Okay...this is just a crush...Who cares...Gosh he is so cute!" Mischa swirls around dancing...still recalling the drumbeats into a climactic end with a pose.

Olga, Her mom passes by, "Mischa...aren't you looking all happy today my sweetheart..." Mischa, "We had a great dance practice'll have to join me at Maduri's wedding!" Olga," Maduri's wedding?" Mischa, " No! I mean we are invited to dance at a wedding reception. It's a multicultural wedding!" Mom, "You'll need an invitation for all that!" Mischa, " Oh! It's fine mom Maduri already told me you should come...It's her sister who graduated in Medschool! She's getting married to an Italian guy!" Olga, "Wow, quite a culture shock for the family would you think? He is Italian most likely Catholic and she's a hindu?" Mischa, "No, she's a Jewish Indian!" Olga's eyes jotted out. A look that could barely keep a secret of a mother's internal turmoil over the subject, "Jewish Indian and a Catholic? Honey, I wish them the best!" She hesitated to say but blurted out with her hands gesturing up, "At least he is not a Muslim!" Olga gave a quick chuckle and shook her head. Mischa turns around slowly with her eyes wide opened and frozen at the thought of her budding feelings for Rashid. Dazed as if in a trance...She imagines herself dancing and falling into Rashid's arms and her mother opening the door while the two of them are in sweet embrace...She could picture her mother screaming her heart out! Mischa is an only daughter whom her mother adores.

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