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The missing Tribe

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on August 3, 2011 - 2:10am

Mai, Jason and Narayan searches out the American Indian tribes when they stumbled into the Cherokee online website...

John Payne’s writing of the Cherokee beliefs, he also included extensive duplications of the first five books of the Bible, which caused readers to conclude that early in the historic period the Cherokees began to weave the newly learned Biblical materials into the origins of their legends. Nevertheless, the ancient beliefs and stories vary slightly, perhaps because they were not rewritten so much, to some instances in the Christian Bible. Regardless of Payne’s study, the Cherokee people attributed their existence to the Creator. They built their religious belief upon foundations and pillars built by the express creations of God and not of men, and they were reserved as such.

The Cherokee people did hold on to the fragments of their beliefs for many centuries. The Chief Supreme Being believed in by the Cherokees of the eighteenth century was the same “Mysterious Being” or “Being Beyond Human Comprehension” (which would always be a mystery to man), (Ye ho waah), whom the more ancient Cherokees had said was both God and King, appearing sometimes on earth as a man.

Ye ho waah taught the first hymn called Yo wa to the first Cherokee priests or ministers, known as the office of the Uku. Over time the song was described as being part of the old language and was no longer understood. Some of the old language words were still employed in the song in the nineteenth century. Only those chosen by the Uku could perform the song after undergoing rigorous testing, which included abstinence from food and sex and the fulfilling of special observances of prayer, purification and vigils.

The Christian Bible warns, “Gather up the fragments that remain, so nothing is lost.” (John 6:12, NKJV)

Fragments represent the evidence of the awesome miracles that our Creator has performed on behalf of His people. They are the glorious things God has performed in our lives.

The Cherokees had a Sacred Ark that carried the sacred fires and other Holy things, which were the fragments of their religious beliefs - fragments that represented the everlasting bond between the creator and the Cherokee people.

During the time of Moses, it is recorded that ancient Israel had poor memory and often forgot about the great works of God and would not wait for His counsel. (Psalm 106:813, Psalm 78:38 42)

Like ancient Israel, over a period of time the Cherokees slowly began to forget the fragments
Each student took turns reading the above passage...

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