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Music Drama

EstherT1's picture
on March 4, 2011 - 2:56am

OK so I ate Allah before now I have to whip the gay spirit! LOL. Music industry is so complicated! They have all these alter ego and crazy ideas and plays. Anyhow. Bottomline is! You are all human beings subject to the same law as a fetus.

Learning about rap industry is like being back in the ghetto! Illuminati will be fragmented like the rest of us.

I am laughing at all the conspiracy. I can see thiings clearly than most people it seems.

Love you Josh! You've done well and more to come! Keep strong! The job isn't as hard as we think.

I'll be so glad to see you in New Orleans.

The Jews are planning something! I sure hope they get to the US Jews sooner than later.

I will steal all the symbols of Illuminati and give it a new name under YHVH! What's all this Luci stuff! Oh people are sheeples! You can easily renounce the disease if you believe. OK let's try.

AZions will be up soon!

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