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My computers are hunted.

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on June 17, 2012 - 8:33pm

I open the computer and sometimes music turns on music that truly inspires me...Must be divine intervention or wild computer glitch. Oh How I love You tube.

Realizing that one painful thing is that rejection is to common for those who choose to say what they feel. If the truth rings true to fast...You get shot down. But I get back up.

I realized many of the revelation I received is not always obvious and is easily misconstrued. Except for a handful of a few.

Only in this journal am I fully capable of being true. At least to myself. None of my jokes are going out the billboard. Mostly I just want the Lord to see how I feel. And yes perhaps curious eyes would read my journal.

A few of my friends think I'm prophetic. I'm only allowing them to recognize it because they know the Holy Spirit...Only in certain circumstances can I say that I am. I'm not infallable and best to keep it low key except for my keys. My strictest aim is to heal people and guide them to the One. The things that weigh my heart...

I want to heal the comedians from the torments that they feel...real or not...
I want to heal the men from self-doubt and shame...
I want to heal the men who are taught they were not god enough....
And those whose families kept them in the dark...

In due time many musicians and comedians will find themselves carrying a prophetic abilities...It's going to be a warfare in the spirit but I already know who is going to win. There will be a massive upheaval...Jacob wrestled with God and many of them are entering the arena.

I used to think I just love comedy and find it a great venue for self-expression...Now I realize it's a confession and I'm there to listen in.
My job is to heal...And I've been neglecting that gift and now I know I need to get back on track and heal the comedians. It's no longer just womena and muslims. Not just the Jews but those who are aching for acceptance.

You are not gonna like it...But the Name of God is easily expressed with the middle finger...Phillip/ Flip! YHVH as expressed in Hebrew cursive is "I''' like a cross or hand with nail and if you flip it it's a finger - middle one. Jesus God pucked up...And shit did happen in Israel...The Jews wrote about them because the YHVH appeared each time. It's the same today. Shit happens and the Lord YHVH appears. I mean it in a good way...

The middle finger sign will soon have a new meaning...on of penetration to the spiritual realm and sinfull nature of man but it will also signify the One that has to bear all the inequities to redeem man. The nail that nailed the Hand of G-d's own son.
I3 = B E LIEVE signifies one plus Shaddai.
Today I asked prayer for all the comdians for Open Mic in various places in NY. The weight of their pain I can sense with each performance. Cave and Creek is full of prophetic Jews trapped in the silence of their shamful acts. Soon enough they will be released.

There will be bloodshed till more Jews speak up. I'm afraid to say this...but they must all speak up and stand on the stage...Proclaiming is going to be critical.

Here's a good one...Josh Groban...You will be at no. 1. No questions ask. I can't explain what type of music. There will be a pouring of creativity like never before and international collaboration of some sorts. Your brother will be involved in the sphere. It's a big One. The mark of Lion will appear. Roaring..I'm hearing Hatikva that's because I love the song. Many song...The Eye...the tears...the rain...the desert...The Elephant sounds...Okay...I admit...this part might just be my imagination. Tree...The tree and the Native Americans...I know Circus is not really Josh idea...

Whatever it this may be ....It's going to heal so many people around the world. It will stop war and resonate in the heart and soul of every man. And it can only be Josh. Poignant and heartbreaking. Victorious and sentimental.

The letters will be crucial..The letters in Hebrew will be very significant. Flags will fall in. Puzzle flags into the star. And U-stream orchestra...Australia and the rest. Pottery and women at the well. And an Apple in a football field. The sash will fall all over the forest and palaces. One song will be on the table and a swiss window view. Windows and windows open with the white sash falling into it as music ensues. The black veil falls. Phantom voice will be heard among the shaddows.

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