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My Love is like Esther

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on September 24, 2011 - 12:19am

not for the faint of heart. Do not might die.

I'm home again...I can get a few spanking now after all that I said about Cher and Chaz...I am so mad at them for sporting this transgendered thing for all the kids to make fun of. I'm so glad to hear the music again. I'm repenting for all my anger and I have to vent. Hollywood is fractured into two...the one's promoting homosexuality and those that are sane enough to promote the truth in a subliminal fashion. Yes! I can almost read the Illuminati mindset - intellectual vanity from luciferian doctrine. You don't need to pray to Lucifer to be one...Just look in the mirror glorify yourself like narcissus and it's that easy to fall into the trap of money and greed.

Zionism got a bad name due to the Jews who hated the crusaders and out of spite promoted christian singers to become like animals onstage flaunting their bodies and promoting homosexuality and perversion because fallen angels are sexless. This is all a projection of bad spirit. The idolatry of self-worshipping religion in the Kaballah system are pagans in high places. Add the drugs promoted by Arab money from Mecca and there you go let's find the messiah among the deluded money sucking talents. Hollywood is now the new tentacle of deception from Babylon. Granted we all fall short Jews and Christians the Lord is not happy with it and Ezekiel 13-14 renounces all forms of divition for it causes grave division among Jews. Hollywood people are paid each time they promote their political agenda of greed. They will show off a good front like, " Raise my taxes! Obama raise my taxes!" Duh! Donate your money to Funny or Die already. Please! As if they don't know how to be vain and use their money for drugs. Illuminati hook talents on drugs and take uneducated self mutilating and suicidal actors and actress so they can keep them working as dogs and destroy them when they can. They are subjected to objectification so badly they are nothing but little ashtrays for the producers and directors.

It is only a deception that you need their money and connection. Some people are meant to be rich thru good or bad. Giving presidence over perversion and greed to make money has it's toll. One does not need to sell their soul. It creeps in the moment seduction outweights reason.

Cyber Bullying does not kill the children. The exposure to child predators can. Video of killings, vampire shows, witchcraft, sorcery, criminal acts and death cultures make kids want to die for attention. Not to mention catch STD drinking blood. Turning off the computer and television is easy. The parents are never home and the kids need attention to the extent of perverting their lifestyle just for parents to somehow pay attention. Teachers are not able to discipline and teachers get kicked out for teaching in class any respect. Hollywood promoted suicide on young teens. The person doing the killing is the one responsible for their sins and action. Suicide leads to hell.

Tell all the parents they have to have they bully sons and daughters home for 3 days can easily stop the bully. They just need attention to know the truth and if the bully continues - parents should home school or find another school. The solution is that simple. Parents must stay home with the problem child. Loose the 3 day pay and discipline the child.

Making Cyber bullying illegal would shut down Hollywood and media faster than anthing else. Madonna, Lady Gaga, Cher and all these crazy cons will become illegal and imprisonned. Sharia is what you get out of loosing Freedom of Speech. Jews are already getting accused of racism for Zionism for this matter! Imagine what cyber bullying as illegal would look like. All the cuzzing Jews and Christians will be in jail first! Shariah Law is all about media control and suppression of women and media.

"Born this way and "It get's better" will lead to STD and suicide faster than anything else. They will still act like victims and blame the Jews and Christian conscience. Lady Gaga and Cher are so deluded by the very language they don't understand. "Cyberbullying and bullying should be illegal!" Hollywood is the biggest Bully! Add Kab bull ah! Hello! Who else is pushing their satanic religion on TV but a bunch of deluded Hellywood naive stars. Well then, Lady Gaga and Cher jump in Jail both of you! Shariah will take care of the cyber bullies once they make gun control the rule of the land. Shariah sharkiah promoter is offering pets for those naive homosexuals just to lure them into voting for Shariah under Cyber bullying Illegal clause. They are asking for President to bring on Shariah law which the whole Islamic nations want US to do! Same sex marriage and polygamy being promoted is exactly the way to turning women into cows. Islamic teachings prohibit any mockery to prevent any upheaval and control the public by fear. Wake Up! Wake Up!

At this time there is not enough prison cells to accomodate all the hellywood actors and actress who can cuss like an Ape on Comedy Central. Cyber Bully alright! That's called media! Freedom of Speech.

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