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Mystery of Monalisa

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on January 7, 2012 - 12:33pm

Mai's Journal (Mai sends this letter to

"Identify with Me"
Message of Jesus Christ on Christmas...

I'm refreshing my mind and soul to manage my life and the inspiration I received. There are sacrifices and tedious work that I do in order to fulfill the role the Lord has for me... I can see now why many Painters and Artist are so passionate with their work that not much else could matter. There has been many relationships that I have lost in simply following. It it's all for good reason. I have a cross to carry but the death is defeated on the cross by Jesus Christ.

I'm doing a task unfit for one woman to do. Please I ask that if anyone receives this message it is to heal the many trauma of the past and present. I wake up daily with a new message for Israel. I have grown to accep this now more than ever. I desire to help bridge a gap for Israel and the world. Yenta and Goyim. Jews and Gentiles. I can only yoke with many people in the media to express the Love of God through Arts. This is the only way to stop the ravages of wars and stripe. We have to teach and teach what is good. Please send forth this message as it is being poured out for the world to see.

This is amazing. I remember when I tried to interpret Monalisa. I realize that her picture is also in West Bank of Israel. The picture of Monalisa is the very essense of Mary in Israel. She is depicted as an ordinary woman with an extraordinary role in the universe. The picture of Monalisa background is Egypt on the right arm the Mediterranian sea, the dessert and on her Left arm is Jordan River. I kept looking at it and realized that it looks so magnetic because it is Israel. She is the new Eve. The depiction of Mary pregnant with Jesus. Elizabeth was also pregnant at the same time Madonna (Mother of Jesus) is pregnant. Mon (My) (Maddam) Lisa (El - Isa = Jesus in Islam). This is a mystery because the West Bank is not demarkated at the time of Leonardo the Vinci. I don't think he would have travelled there. Leonardo the Vinci is a Mystic and saw the future of aviation and also the creation of TV, camera and yes! Roller Coaster. Leonardo Da Vinci is also friends with Michael Angelo both were accused of being gay and lived like monks in Italy.

Old testament on Monalisa's right and New Testament is the left with the sun radiating Left to right.

Monalisa is facing Jerusalem and overlooking Egypt. The neck of mary is in fact situated right on Jerusalem and bethlehem. It's a mystery to me why Monalisa appears on the West bank map. The eyes are on Samaria = Sa+ Maria. The background has a bridge and there are bridges on Jordan river . She has her back turned away from Saudi Arabia where mecca is. Mona El ISA = (One in Tagalog) or Isa = Jesus in Arabic. Leonardo Da Vinci Handled the Shroud of Turin and had visions of future.

Hanasi Bridge -Jordan Panoramio is the first picture. I don't know when it was built but it resembles the bridge on the Left of Monalisa. Her eyes are level with the sea of Galilee. It is not drawn to scale. The left arm feather may be an undergarment or dead sea. Leonardo Da Vinci work is much like Salvador Dali. You can see many things in one picture. Rebels of the Church and used by G-d.
The picture of Monalisa is in fact reading us as we look at her. We don't know how Mary looks like but we all know she is Jewish and looked like one.

The same background is used with Mary, St. Ann and Jesus as Monalisa. The picture forms a star of David. Monalisa looks like a Christmas tree and she sits between two sides with water and ways much like Israel's terrain. Each time I looked at it I could sense a small voice saying, "You know what it is...look again."

There is a feather on the L arm of Monalisa or a garter. Sfumato are cascades of shades. Perhaps it's a feathered pen, a rolled up sleeve or dead sea.

West bank map reminds me of a woman reading and the book looks like Gaza strip. The best way to beat war is to read to the women and children. The rest will follow.

This year is all about bridges, tours, travelling and reading of the Torah. I can see many Jews and Christians hittig the market and many places. The blessing wand is at hand. Keys are being found left and right. Many fingers will be busy direting, writing, pointing and orchestrating the children. I can see many elders smiling and telling stories once again like never before. Good music will be praised more and more among the children of Jews and Christians. Tough competition in the media and music industries. Many art Historians will grab attention of children. A time of directing and orchestrating. Healing are taking place left and write. The web will be so busy with little fingers adding things every day and moms will be busy pointing things out.

Imagine the staunch Catholic unknowingly using men of Jewish descent to do their work of Art. Imagine the Star of David appearing in many of their works when crosses are expected. Imagine the muslims recognizing Jesus in Monalisa and seeing the face of Mary in the Western Bank. What does people do when we Immanuel as I'm man New El? What does people do when they realize Monalisa is a depiction of Israel as a woman? What does people do when they can see themeselves in Monalisa? What does men and women do when they see that the sistene chapel is depicting old and new testament? What does peple do when they see the women reading to their children about the mysteries of Jesus Christ and the work of the Artist bridging the gap of the past, present to the future? How are we all connected and what light do we emit that others can benefit from?

5 star! Bridges! Bells! Josh and Chris we need you more than ever. The Eyes Sing on the Cake! Lots of cake baking and sweets! Hard work is involved...Lots of fingers busy on inST.ruments. The Man TEll Peace! Mantelpiece...My grandma used to say that Mantle piesces are very important. Now I know why! Peace is what we need.

Well I hope you enjoy reading this research.. I've only been loosing time sleeping to get this done day in and out. It is consuming and yet I love every bit of it.

"Sit while I make your enemy your footstool!"

Please...send this idea to whomever can be inspired. I think we can bridge the gap among European and Israel with this message. Muslim all accept that Mary is a Jew and Isa is Jesus. Again, this is all a mystery but a visible one.

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