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New York

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on April 2, 2012 - 5:04pm

I pray healing over New York and protection as well. Prayer is about the most I can offer now that my finances need to get back in shape.

New York is where I am. Very busy and lots to do. It's not easy for me but I must tough it out in the cold weather for this is where the Abba wants me to be.
I'm still praying for all the Jews and somehow I have comedy in my head every night and day.

I think of chicken jokes and Jesus conspiracies for a Stand Up comEdy.

I have not been on Tweeter much and barely getting back to Josh Groban fan mail as I have to focus on being settled.

NY is entering a new beginning. It will be a challenge for good. many Jews are awakening from a deep slumber and the roaring will take place.

Each day is precious. The Lord Jesus Christ asked me to be here. I would much rather just see Josh in Concert but that's not all. I have a mission to fulfill. People to heal and places to go. I don't tell this to many people as it sounds crazy. I want to be in Stand Up Comedy!

Keep this in mind for some friends might like to know...

Adonai = Add Don I
El Shaddai = El shall Add I
Anno Dominic = AD = Add = + = tree = cross

When Jesus died all of US are Added on the Earth.

End = And
Yes shu Ahh!
"Jew Us" = Jesus
Hesus= He is Us!
Dios = Dei is Us!
Elohim= (h) ello (it's)Him!
No El = KNOW El!

Holy Spirit = Y? El Oh Him! T "I" RIP S(upper-man. ). The Jew King is here! We are in Him! We are the Temple of God if we choose to identify with him! Elohim!
Sounds like a joke but it's real!

NY = Jew York
NJ = New Jew R Sey!
Hey! man Hat on!
Hey! bro Klyn
Hey! Queen up your Act!
Hey Bro N X
New York is so close to Holy Land I could see all of Jew in my backyard!
( this is part of my comedy skit BTW)

We have the authority = Awe Torah TY to rebuke all forms of evil!
Many Jews and Israelites are bound to search out their Roots!
We are at a pivotal time.

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