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One in a Million

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on April 5, 2012 - 3:56am

Errands of a lifetime...

I can certainly use some Jew raise me up right now...
I have too many loose ends from moving to NY and glad to have Roosevelt Island for a place to rest. I've been kind of rattled still with all the requirements and documentations I needed. Printer ink is low and what have you... Technology helps but it does need to be fed.

Lately, I've been getting too many mails, e-mails and papers to do. And more papers. Something about this E- Male, Post-Man, Male Man needs to told. They all pertain to Jesus on the Cross. What a strange revelation and it's waiting for me to tell the whole wide world like WWW. So Please anyone who gets this message take note and pass it on.

Adonai = Add Don I
AD = Anno Dominic
Abba = Adda = Father Adds
El Shaddai = El Sh Add "I"
Cross is a Plus sign.
The Roman watch is a Plus sign or an X.
All are added and multiplied.

All the Jews on the Western Wall need to not be on the corner all the time. Jews need not be on time out like little kids doing naughty things...WE need the message out! ABBA is ADDA! Shaddai! Superman is wearing a prayer shawl and all need to cast down their net to get the mooh-slims off the ground. The muslims are grounded too much. Use the darn stick and spank them upright...Is anyone Listening?????

Upon the death of Jesus there is a Cross and that is the Post Man coming down to deliver the message. The resurrection happened and "THE END" became AND! All of the comma and apostrope means And! Yod!

Yod = ,
Vi in hebrew means And and that's how you begin the sentence many times over. There is no dot at the end.
And all these things shall be ADDED unto JEW! Hallelu! Ha! I'll Jew Yah!

The Post Man is on the Cross and there are is no mail man on the post! Only Jesus was out there working on the post! Male Mannnn! Hello!
HOLY Spirit =
Y L O H = Why El O Hey! Elohim!
Baruch Attah Adonai! A Don "I"

Now I need all comedians to get this going in all the theaters and news. Can I get an A-Men!

There will be a wave of theaters with all the people learning more about the truth in a very funny way. We need more scripts from the Go-Spel and Beh! " I BEEH EL E(VE)! Believe! B-I-B-L-E.
Luke!!! I'm your FATHER! ABBA! Dah! DAH!
Bayb Bah! Kah SHA! Please!
El! I! El! I!
Why have you (all) forsaken Meh!
He was talking to the people before the MALE MAN died on the Post! Post IT!

Now I don't have time for all kinds of game so please! Please! Please SEMITES get the word out...I have work to do and I can't do it all...This is a man's job Yall need to listen up...Anties need not come because they are bad aunties next to the Semites...Let thy Semites go into the Field!

I need all the Black Characters out in the field! All the Bible characters are Black! Jew hear me? The Bible is written in Black on White...That's why people got a problem sometime with Black Folks...Reminds them of their paperwork and yes! The Bible have Black Characters.

Alright Grobanite...I need a Post Josh all over the place...Focus on the Good F (ellow) people! I'm telling you! This has got to be mailed! Male ED!

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