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on November 20, 2012 - 11:12pm

Amidst all chaos...Peace...

This is what my heart longs for and I find a hope despite all that I witness. Trust and obey...This is all I could ask for. I am praying for those who only dream of Peace...I pray for their freedom and favors from above.

I've been fortunate that lately, my heart is immersed in Peace and gracious disposition. This is not like the old me.

I am cherishing each day...praying and thankfully trusting the Lord for all manners of life.

I'm hoping to one day be with the man of my dreams and finally make things happen. I'm imagining a life of a joyful wife and mother one day. This is so wild as I was not accustomed to a dreamy relationship. But all things are possible with the Lord...I would be so grateful to one day be that person that someone would cherish and grace with love and affection. I would be the most greatful wife and mother.

It would be a thrill to finally name my daugther or my son...A God given name! Celeste Sophia or Edward Joshua. This is wonderful...I should learn to cook and fill up a room with baby books and music. I hope to one day write poems and stories for children.

Then one day I will tell them about all the little adventures I've taken to only find refuge in the Loving Father's embrace right here in my heart.

Love Always,


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