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Planning for NY

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on February 22, 2012 - 11:44am

It's been a burning desire to come to NY for this March. I'm truly excited to be in the Josh Groban City. I can't wait to be in an Outpatient clinic where I can get my hands on NY shoulders. I'll be honing more skills as I go and I feel a better sense of this transition than I did before. Too bad I won't be here for Josh Birthday and his brother Chris and in this big Apple I doubt I will ever bump into the dynamic duo.

Much is bound to happen here in NY this year. It's just getting started. I could sense a change in the atmosphere. A good one. Somehow for the first time...NY seems so much brighter.

So today, I sent in my resume to Hands on Seminar. I'm so excited it's not even funny. I want to work on shoulders and yes! I want to be the best at it. I won't be surprise if I get some shoulders from those Art Institute. I can't wait to get into sculptures again. The nice smooth clay I can mold every which way I wanted into the something that emanates the thoughts in my mind.

Hands on Seminar is what forced me to come to NY before. They are whom my golden hands learned the art of postural management and trigger points. I love the work of my hands. Teaching people a whole new way to breath and move. I feel so alive this is not even funny! Apple headed to the big Apple. Ahh!

Wonder if I should write to Michael Bloomberg to do something about the fares and rails. We need more music in the railways and colors. I want to see classic rise to the top once more and choirs all over NY city. I am really dreaming right now!

The Jews will be rocking and rolling in just a few more years because Baby! I go the touch of Gold and a mind for passion! My soul goes on like Celine Deon! Beyond your wildest imagination.

NY is the place I will expand in my writing, sculpture and yes Manual Therapy. The people and stories I will meet and get to know here in the heart of the Big Apple. Inspiration appears to be exploding.

My tenant will be moving in and soon as the position is secured. I will be here in NY in the next month!

I will be the fertilizer for this NY city, I feel a sense of attachment and yearning that I never before envisioned. My best-friend in NJ, my cousin in Manhattan, a few more relatives and close contact....And Yes! Josh!

When therapist meets the ART! Viola!

The Therapist!

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