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Praying on the Offensive side!

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on September 29, 2011 - 11:24pm

I always know the winners, this I say ever since the Lord showed me the Way...
I am to pray for the muslim, Jews and yes! The Josh Groban Party. Josh Growband--I mean Groban. Groban Team you are in my prayers now! (in a more magnified fashion).

I've won too many times not for my own sake but for the sake of others...
I've promoted self expressions in words without physical contact...
I've promoted expansion of mind and creativity on the internet...
The forward backwards and multi-language Etymology means nothing if the Word is not read and the stories untold. I've expanded minds and spirit of many who are paralysed from fear, anxiety and distractions.
The world play means nothing without the news that follows.
Just imagine I have not received one death threat! If I did I'd call it a treat! I've not suffered their curses for I do not believe in their curses. In fact, the Lord takes presidence and control of them!

I will soon be promoting that very powerful love connection with a whole lot of Holy Spirit outpouring. There will be greater and stronger prayer warriors on the way! The tides have changed. The Power of Yashuah liberates men and women from the grip of the terrible.

I've collaborated with a few and overtaken the nytimes news updates...I've been ahead of the game. I gave my recommendations and the newspapers changed their look and became more appealing to the younger group. I applaud them for that. Look at Israel now! NY Times Peace be upon them refused to announce the Hamas connection with the 147 rockets that hit Israel. The death toll on Israel is counted with 10 fingers because when we pray the Lord leads. I get the false schemes of Press O and Osame Bin Laden, the confused agenda (is Lynn still upset of me? I forgive and 4 get! ) , the UN flags red white and blue goes to Israel quicker than anything else in the nick of time. Simply by praying for the enemy and not backing down when the bullies rise with senseless venoms. I won simply by my faith in Jesus! And all those people who taught I was ignorant for believing lost their ground and ate the dirt. Why? Because I know who is Y! It should not take a Ph. D nor a scientist to know the path to heaven. Why does mysticism go through 7 trans and pathway when there is only one and it's easy as 1-2-3 when Faith grows. Jesus Saves! Jesus is the Way! How simple! The thirsty and the desolate people gets it! Children gets it! The arrogant do not.

I was one of the few who declared victory for Israel when people were still in paranoiah, fear and anxiety. Now Israel is on the offensive side with Axis of Zion being built behind the scenes and not so behind the scenes. Spain is on Israel side which means the rest of South America will follow. Frace, Greece and the rest of the languages following the Biblical root. Even US president could not resist the wave of power. India will follow, African Nations will follow,

UN meeting was nothing next to what the Lord Yashuah can do. The no. of people walking out! Even Iran President is being used by the Lord to proclaim the ignorance and obvious flaws of Islamic teaching. I prayed for Mahmoud Ahmadenejad (ah! mad en e jud) and he of all people told the world exactly the mindset of all Islamic leaders and as dictated from the book.

India is going to be an ally of Israel. Many will be saved from pagantry. Sikhism (Seek His M) is a religion from Islam that seeks the one true God which is only found in Judaism. Punjabi people are the the richest sector of Indian culture. Wonder why? Islam, Kundalini and kaballah are both stemming from babylonian empire and can not be trusted. Kaballah mysticism is from Kundalini path and a disgrace for The Father in Heaven. This is why we have Hosea (Hu! Say Yah!)

As you can see as much as we frown upon the enemy...we have to laugh at the enemy spirit and redeem the people who are lost through the name Yashuah!

There were mistakes such as loosing my temper on people who are too bratty to listen to. I will bully all the bullies of Jews and Christians when they are not right. This is the Elijah prophecy. I'm not a prophet, I'm not a sorcerer, I'm a woman who seek for wisdom day and night. I aim to know the pain over celebration, the truth from the false celebration, the damage from the distractions. It's no easy task when one have to be hated for being right. This is not arrogance. It's a position of accepting that many will scoff at the truth before they believe in it. I always fostered research and faith on the side of others .

I knew the Lord will shake Washington, New York and many cities before nytimes set the record straight. How does that happen? Simple, I've read history books, know the Jewish tendencies, geneologies, and yes I've read and done research on the Bible and even looked at historical places. 5 of my family on my father side have been to Israel - All of us are women starting from my Grandmother.

My grandma rose in the late night many times when I was a little girl. I was the naughty one so I don't know what she prayed for. Then one day, when I saw her picture at the Jordan river with a big smile on her face. I knew she met the glory of God - painted on her brilliant smile.

I've always been a mentor since I was a child. Very atypical - I felt older than even the older children around me. My sister and I carried something in our hearts and minds that we have not even discussed in great sincerity due to the weight it has on our lives that is only made known in the appointed time. My sister is my spiritual tie though we speak not of the issue.

I'd prefer to be small in the eyes of many for it is the name of the Lord and the connection of the Jews to Him that I aim to magnify.

I've been a victim of false teachings, false prophecy, distractions, manipulation and vanity. Yet, I rise to the occasion. I no longer want to be on the same level as those of evil device. There is always room for improvement and as long as people aim to seek the truth and get things right, time and time again. Victory becomes greater and greater.

Communication of the enemy is fast being severed and confused. The more gets in the better the flow of spiritual gifts which are of the Holy Spirit. The no. one thing is LOVE.

I asked not for money, I prayed for a greater conscience. I prayed for quantity before but I see now that I must really work on the conscience of the people. Pray for that and the rest will follow.

There are 3 realms Earth, Spiritual Warfare and the High Heavens. Earth is full of evil and distractions, Spirtual warfare realm is full of evil and angels in collision. The high heavens is praying from the glory of God. This strikes the enemy from the highest ground and there is joy and victory. None of the pain and exhaustion. This is better than any Secret known to man. Faith in the Jesus Christ is the center of it all! Rain comes down and the enemy lines are shattered, dance for the Lord and the enemy scatters, sing for the Lord and the enemy runs.

Bitterness is the greatest flaw of human existence. We grow bitter at the reality of life and we are open to all sorts of evil temptations. Keep the joy of prayer from the high heavens and knock out the bad forces before you get there. This is the symbolism of the Shofar and breaking of the glass. The voices of heaven is sent down and deception is removed. The eyes of the enemy is opened and many run away from the evil scheme. The Keys of St peter is in fact U and me with the Father in Heaven.

There is power in the voice...voice of Josh connects to the high heavens. But he probably doesn't always realize that. "Play ME?" Who is ME? = J(esus) + E(L) + M(an). When the world wanted pop-culture ---we got Josh Groban. When the lyrics of many got perverted..we got Josh Groban lyrics whose dimension of power is beyond belief. No! Josh is not god but one that is used by G-d. Blink! Blink!

Now I would like to foster more animals, more funnies, more food, more cake, more Ice Cream, more dreams, more songs, more inspirational and good movies, more praise dances and more good media. More flowers, more corsages, more kisses, more hugs. Yes these celebrations are for all lambs, ewes, donkeys, hares, rabbits, cats, dogs and yes we gotta let the little pigs get on the fun without the weapons. Does this sound jewvenile? I mean juvenile? El amen! Tary? I mean Elementary! Childish? I thought so! And Oh! Do not forget the Balloons! Candles on the cake is for Zion's sake! " You can have your cake but don't eat the candles too!" Jewbelieve! I mean Jubelee! I'm not Jo King! I'm talking about the Jew King! the Jew Dad! I mean Judah! Dah! Dah! Dah! A doo! doo! Doo!

It is fascinating to me that the Lord Himself identified with David! A very sinful man David. Why does he have to be the Lord's pet? Because he sang for the Lord. He repented and cried out. Rosh Hashana!

Lovingly Yours,
Jack Q U EL in Eh!

P.S. I'm desperate to get Joshua my son from Petco...I just pray for safe travel and good transition for the little boy to come home with me. I might be driving cross country with my beloved Joshuah and I don't want him to pluck his feathers out! Pray for safe journey for us. It would be a huge transition for me and my baby. Joshua is only 3 months old.

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