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Progress Report

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on July 24, 2011 - 2:32pm


Jews are waking up and the Old man is halfway unglued to the chair... Celebration of Israel...Break all the mirage and illusions...Break the glass and build the Laver... The Egyptian women gave up their glass and the Jews turned them into the Laver = washing basin of the Tabernacle.

The Jews will need all the Koreans and Pilipinos to send out the message... This world is bound to stumble on Israel... It's happening and the prophecies of Israel is not to be divided...If Israel is not recognized by September... more bloodshed will happen.. Israel will still flourish and all the enemies and rebellious people will be knocked out... The more people of the world is convinced, the lesser the bloodshed.

Israel is going to flourish and their credibility will spread once they coordinate with other nations who are in the same spirit. The technique is to break all delusions. Smile and tell the truth no matter who gets hurt because they already will recognize Israel sooner or later.

Even the bad things are proving the existence of Israel more profoundly like the same sex marriage and circumcision ban... People are asking why and that's the biggest reason people starts to believe the Jews are the covenant. All the desasters will clean out rebellion and delay the tactics of the enemy... The outbreak in Africa of wars are weakening the solidarity of all Muslims.

Christian extremist is going to happen until the Jews step up and teach! Europe is deeper into Shariah and Bosnian Islam needs to be on the side of Israel sooner than later... Only History and the knowledge of the Bible prophecy can convince many Nations. The conviction of the Spirit in Israel is happening the trumpet sounds... Not everyone should just bare arms unless annointed. Use the web and all the elders to curtail the enemies device and destroy their communication. The celebration of the Jews and praises are crucial to break down all the bondages.

Jews have to get the planet in order like the Star Wars... All the illusion of holiness of any other spiritual book besides the bible is being destroyed by the magnitude of Jewish bible prophecy..

This is a time of encouragement for the Jews. Victory will come their way one eay or another. Poverty is still there and world must conspire to bless them or loose grace completely.

Hollywood need to start cleaning up their act. Mecca is going to come down by disaster and war.

Drugs are promoting the illusions and delusions of the people and keeps them in stupor. Rehab is the key and hammer them with wisdom from the Bible. Desperation will bring more people to church.

Many Hollywood stars are feeling the pain of loosing stardom...Idolatry will continue and so will punishment as grace is lost.

San Francisco must come back to the Lord. The only consolation is the Golden Gate which is in fact a hope that the Lord will spare some people form destruction and death. I pray to deflect it and the church will have to be more vigorous in approaching the issues at hand.

Holy war is the worst thing bound to happen. Jewish Evangelization is the key for world peace. The non-jewish are apt to fight islam tooth and nail. Jews can convince many to renounce Islam as they are touched by the spirit. Each country and citizens that support Israel is spared before the judgement.

The disabled, deaf, blind, etc and elders can bless Israel and many Christian nations will fotify Israel over time.

Peace happens when more Jews are pitching in to the solution. Knesset is the answer! Jerusalem! Jerusalem... Birds of the same feather flocks together.

Christians must fortify Israel and all attacks must be stopped from ashore.

Jerusalem gates and all that is Holy must be free from vile and corrupted people or they will die. Leviticus. I'm sorry but the gays can not be in Israel until they repent. Jews have to follow the strict rules inn Jerusalem and maintain sanctity. Straight and upright men only at the gates. Women will have to take the role of offering and blessing the food. Dance and celebration as the L-rd commanded.

US citizens are waking up! I believe the US is the Unicorn that will help convince the world despite it's president. Pending Marshall Law is coming.
Sharia law must be curtailed. Encourage all to fight back and stop the war throught the peace of Israel.

Jews are called in the Knesset one way or another or more people suffer if they fail to recognize the times.

I'm in Marin for a reason as September needs to be won and I have to be close to all the Pilipino's praying and magnifying the Lord. I have a lot to do but will follow some news. I am praying for many of the media including Hollywood to start sending the right message.

San Francisco is asleep and I don't know how to wake them up! We have Jews in Marin and need to wak them all up soon.

Josh and fans! Grobanite! Keep up the good news and magnify all children to be obedient to the law as much as possible.

I know this sounds crazy but so does the world. I bless you all and I know it's corny but it's really needed at this time!

Thank you for all that you do Josh! You are doing a great job!


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