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Royal Wedding!

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on April 29, 2011 - 9:53pm

One topic I used to always stay away from is the Princess story. I just never identified with any princess story since I love to be an active worker and gear towards military / soldier mentality. But something happened today! I'm really into the Royal Wedding!

I wish Prince William and Kate lots of love, great marriage and lots of babies...Middle ton! Reminds me of Queen Victoria and her family where active family life with great gender roles were fostered for people to fantasize and admire.

I believe they will have a strong bond as time goes by and the whole stage was so beautiful, angelic, orderly and classic. Good old classic elegance is back on the wedding stage and why not on marriage stance. I love the way Prince Will drove the car and it didn't have to be so luxurious and chaperoned! No extra driver just alone together on the road! Full of adventure.

I also liked the way the Queen was very dainty and present! The feathered hats were funny and charming and brought back the ladylike mentality and social mores! Men are very gentlemanly and courteous! Very gracefully done!

Alright...I have now achieved a new level of insanity and delusion but I'm full of romantic ideas and lots of captivating plans that can rock the world or at the very least my world!

OOOHHH! Did you know that only in Christian and Jewish weddings are truly romantic. Islamic wedding is simply a marriage contract much like buying a furniture, but the Christians and Jewish weddings are very vibrant with lots of wine and dancing.

As my sister once said, "Marriage can be liberating!" Now, for ahighly realistic woman that is unthinkable. I'd phrase it differently..."Marriage can be dovey!" Like two doves who has all the freedom to fly but chose to be together in the nest...two feathered tails!

gotta leave Barnes and Nobles!

Love Yah..


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