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Salvador Dali

EstherT1's picture
on January 26, 2011 - 10:21am

Sponge bob is thrill!
EG n ops
GOO Fy does the trick!
Leonardo Freud and Salvador Dali are all trickster who forecasted future trend! Minus the drugs!
You tube found in Salvador Dali's work
I think the same way!
It reversed the Holocaust of the 44'
Salvador Dali makes the blind see!
Artist project the demands of the masses!
All have a choice to leave God's project at any time but it's irresistible!
The secret is to see with the Third Eye!
Children must love life! Life
Salvador Dali stated, "people don't know who I am!"
NoEl! The problem of the world is nobody knows who El is and the Holy Spirit is most limited in the middle East!
Dali opened up their minds!
There is nothing impossible with God!
The artist don't know the source so the presentations are subliminal but Go's obvious!
Rocks propelled Dali's imaginations!
Terrestrial imagination
Crutches / canes are staff
J is half a heart; always ailing!
Paradoxical is the picture of a wild wild God- Jesus Christ who loves!
The magnitude is so severe artist portrayed the winless in small doses! Simple to complex, classic, romantic and conventional!
You stick with simple to convey astronomical proportion of gifts!
Keys of piano in Black and white infuse with tune creates imagination beyond words! Vibration is the domino effects that travels on air and strikes the minds stagnation rolling their thoughts into the vortex of ecstasy of the souls!
Human connections are always found thru sounds, time evokes past and ancestral ties! Everyone influenced good and bad and the good remains!
Josh you sing in Mosaic tandem and it breathes the seeing Eye back to life and back to harmony with G-clef!

(FYI nothing above to be taken seriously)

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