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This the season

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on October 20, 2012 - 12:20am

I thank you so much Josh for this journal. I'm beginning to have more courage to sing your songs. For so long, I love so many of Josh songs and simply hearing your voice is all I need. It calms me down to hear the Prayer...It makes me cry to hear Alejate and My Confession. Josh you make me think of heaven when I hear Remember! IWeeping makes me happy and back in Kenya. Machine makes me feel sexy and best of all To
Where You are makes me feel at home when I get lost.

This season I dedicate Straight to You. Amazing prophecy in one song that tells me all I need to know to realize things get better and we are saved.

One day I will be well known for having made Quickie songs with Josh Groban. A new way of news reporting and satire talk show while having latte.

I have so much to wirte and so little time. I have to work on studying Music Theory and harp on my voice to get better melody. Just today I met up with people at the piano place Sherman Clay for Fiona's recital. We all had dinner afterwards and lo and behold. I have no wallet. Left it at home and had to have Ken pay for me while I give him the check. Come to find out 3 of my new found friends are all into the Psychic Network and astrology. I know better not to believe. Finona - a very beautiful pianist is quite intuitive with people and picked up that I'm much the same way. Except I don't use my power unless I proclaim it is of the Lord's gift of wisdom.

I'm just a geek who knows a few things in life. At times I surprise people. I should hone my gifts of the prophetic in a more uplifting way. I'm learing to read inspirational books and listen to good news every morning and night. Music and singing has greatly changed my affect in life.

Anyhow, I thank this Journal so much Josh. I pray for good tidings and good promotions for you Josh and the groban crews. Grobanites are the best and more power to Josh Groban.

I'm praying for a greater vision; peaceful and joyful moments to magnify and cherish.



P.S. I love you! .

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