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This the season

EstherT1's picture
on October 22, 2012 - 1:27am

So how do we stop the riot?
Wanda's students are planning for the Best Riot get away for their Early Thanks giving party...
$1 dollar unless the students sing or dance then it's Free...
Bunny slippers
Cup Cakes
Apples dipped in Honey
Fried Chicken or (He and she-cans)
Soda pop
Pink bracelets
Black rimmed glasses
Tassles and with one loss slipper
Dream Catchers
Morning As_prin
Lotto Raffle tickets
Ticket to concerts
Miracle grow plant
And the list goes on for the "Have a Riot Pre-Thanksgiving Party!

Best of All Straight to You itune by Josh Groban

Stop in the name of Love and Bunnies!

Pray for U.S. this Season!!!

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