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sit while

EstherT1's picture
on January 27, 2011 - 10:26am

Enemy your foot stool!

Life is not about saving the world but saving lives! The answers are in your hands! You sing and I rally! Others its comedy, travel, dance and teach! It's not Hard! This will get scary but all huddle and solve problems while we have time! Then have shakes between shits and chess for adventure!

The next holocaust is the children all around the world! Israel is destined to stay! I don't have all the answers but together it will be done! christians and Jews have to unite and pull the peacekeepers and women from false teachings!

Truth always speaks of life and happiness! Faith in Christ Jesus and life everlasting! Your songs speak volumes! Most of all, " love to see your face!"
When do I see you again? ohhh! Time only knows!

I want to speak and teach! I could do it better than Dan Brown! I have the gift! We can't save the world just one life at a time! "It would be a joy to speak with you one day!" My heart leaps!

I'll be back to the old grind and take care Josh and the Groban Knights!

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