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Sneezy and Runny Nosey..

EstherT1's picture
on November 12, 2012 - 5:54am

I made a pledge that I will be back into dating and this time I am hopeful that I will find that special person to finally come true. I am done day dreaming and wondering. I am all too eager to get back on track and fix my life that has been on a severe stand still for over 5 years.

I've made much effort to pray, support good causes and blog for the purpose of raising awareness in America and Israel. This time the Lord almighty is calling me to have a family. The world needs more good people. We don't have enough people in this world and we have suffered from hopelessness and aimless striving.

America needs another baby boom and I would be more than happy to contribute.

I already know I will be married to a liberal Jew with curly hair. I will be interviewing a few. So far one of them is Belgian who can immitate Robert Deniro. There is no point chasing the wind. Life is short.

My hope is to someday bring to this world a little baby...If it's a girl...Celeste Sofia...If it's a boy...Edward Josh. There it is.

Oh! And speaking of weddings. As long as the Lord is present that's all I ask for... It's a brave new world!

This is all for now...



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