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Straight of Gibraltar

EstherT1's picture
on December 2, 2010 - 8:57am

Under the sea
Like Galilee
Under the sea
Like Galilee
Refletions of life
Do you see me?

I pass by
You pass me by
I was there
Though you don't see me
I led you by

Spread your wings and ladders
Morocco to Spain
I say 14 and 40 Kilometers
No work will be in vain

The road from Cathedrals to Mosques
Send forth my people
With trails of exhaust
Mend minds and souls
Journeys and destinations
Here I lay
The path
The way
Under sea
To send you through
I stay...

Bring them home
Bring them home
The veil is open
Bring them home

The rope is layed
My sash unfolds
Through lands and water
I conquer most!

The water rages
I am still
Your lifes a wavering
I miss you still...

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