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Straight to You!

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on April 23, 2011 - 9:12pm

First I have to greet you ahhh Wonderful Easter and a productive year! Bunny rules! Chicks are sprawling! Blessings are fast spreading all across the nation and abroad! The true essence of Easter is hare...I mean hear...I mean here!

It's a wonderful moment with my niece and newphews! My sister is doing great! She dealt with facial palsy and hypertension post baby. My nephew T is so cute and cuddly and will have Baptism tomorrow on Easter Day! These kids are latching on me like like little chicks from the Hops! We watch the movie Hops today. I showed them the real Easter through You Tube!

They really love Katy Perry and Justin Bieber! They mentioned Josh more in context of me liking you! I don't know what I did for these kids to love me so much other than I pray for them! I see them once in a blue moon and they were so excited to see me. It's like having little bunnies around full of energy and curiousity!

Had a facial today thanks to my sister! I was so relaxed and I prayed for Israel. I wish they could feel as rested as I am and be full of wisdom. They are starting to open up Joshua and all the prophets. The tides are changing. I'm predicting more visits in Israel this year!

Other than that I prayed for you Josh! And your family. For protection, provision, love of G-d and favors beyond measure.

I corresponded with one of your fans who is an avid gay supporter Jamie Smith. I'm not sure if perhaps you disapprove of me too for not supporting the gays. I know Israelis have this problem too. Honestly, I don't care about them at all until the L-rd convicted me. If none of these off the wall disasters were happening I wouldn't have the heart to even mention it as my concentration is always on the muslims. Lately, the L-rd tells me that His children - the Jews will have to take over islamicr teaching but the strategies would involve awakening of His children from all forms of pagantry, sorcery and homosexuality affiliation. If you dislike me for addressing this - forgive me but I am commanded. I don't like being hated by gay people whom I myself found very charismatic and funny. But I have to speak the truth as many lives are at stake and the strategies will not work until corrections are done. I have to magnify the Rabbi, the Priest, Pastors, Ministers to protect them and expand communion and cohesion. It's no small task!

Many from the gay community are actually meant to be strong evangelist and preachers but they are persuaded by the enemy into another direction to obliterate the Biblical teachings and to hold them captive of the enemy into confusion.

I'm talking non-sense to most I'm sure but there are many who can connect the dots and see it for what it is.

FYI I do not wish for you to alienate any of the gays, entertainers and sorcery involved audience. It's good for them to listen and enjoy your music. I am willing to take their hate and opposition. The more they hate people like me the more they may just gravitate to people who only show love in music and ministries. I plant seeds and others will reap. This is why I don't miind if gays follow you at all! They need acceptance once they hear the correction. Many forms of bad music and movies are loosing audience left and right due to financial loss and emotional baggage. Many people are seeking inspiration of which you give! It's part of what the Lord showed me before in reading many scriptures, books and prophetic teachings. My words hit them like a ton of brick and so it's good for them to oppose me as this means it's effective. I pray for them as I am asked by many to do so. In church and fellowship I meet all pastors for their salvation. It would be great if you attract all from different religions and backgrounds. But I pray for your protection and blessings more than anything else.

I pray for your protection always and every step of the way you take even if you don't agree with me. This is the meaning of AGAPE - it's unconditional love! I understand peoples weakness and strength more than I lead on. I've handled people in therapy for the last 12 years. To be an effective therapist you have to tell it like it is when it comes to life and death but we teach them how to fight day in and out even if they are in pain. There are no excuses for certain things. I get human psychology. Twitter is a great place for me to influence and the L-rd allows me to influence with the Holy Spirit.

Many of my prayer request has been fulfilled. I'm so thankful and I don't take it lightly. I have so many Jewish followers more than before. This shows how correction wins over flattery. The Lord is fortifying His people in Israel and the Jews here are aware of it once they receive the Holy Spirit. The risk for Israel is high long as the Holy Spirit is limited by the sorcery (lying spirit, false teachings, manipulation, wickeness), pagantry, addiction and homosexuality. Any of these people who are hooked on rebellion and false teachings are slowing down the wisdom of Israel and they sometimes know it or simply confused. You will not find any drug addicts protesting for Israel, nor gays protesting for Israel. They are often soft supporters and lean on humanitarian ruling which is the same ruling protecting terrorism. See Phyllis Bennis. The governments are plagued by them.

Anyhow, I'm so thankful for the L-rd's provision in my life and wonderful family. I will strongly support you and the Grobanites as I know that your audience are seekers of knowledge and truth. I don't expect them to identify with my completely, not even You Josh! My experience with the Lord is never the same exactly with another. The people I fellowship with are same but we discuss things for the good of the flock and pray for each other. We are only men and women but together we can make a change in obedience with the L-rd!

Lately I've had many funny and interesting dreams like having mutlitple animals thanking me and last night the same thing! An animal that looked like a walrus and a bear was shaking my hands in gratitude! Weird I thought, "but you're welcome!" It might be because I'm a dog on twitter and everyone knows I'm an animal lover! Many twitter folks are also using animals to get attension and say their bitz. It's so funny.

My sister is still baking and I must go! Baptism tomorrow!

Hugs and Kisses!


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