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Straight to You

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on November 17, 2012 - 1:14am

I am back to writing once more...Now that the season is over...All I have to do is trust and forgive...Trust that the Lord leads America and Forgive anyone who offended me in any way. There is just no other way to live but in being able to forgive everyone in order to move on.

It's been a mystery to me how peace has really taken over my heart. I still worry about people but I have a growing trust that all be well in the end. This may look bad for now but I know that people will pull it thru in the end.

All I could care for now is simply to focus on family, building relationships and network that last. Encourage and empower the core people that truly matters. The rest will follow.

I have so much to be thankful for and I ask for more blessings and grace in my life. The Lord Jesus has been good to me. And for that I am cultivating my voice for the joy of reaching out to others. I might even consider singing with a church. I've also been singing for Israel more and more and thanking the good Lord Jesus for all that He has done for me.

Building friendships and family around the globe...meeting good people and empowering those who aim to make a difference in a good light. That's all that truly matters now...Family and friends.

I can see many transformation and gathering in the coming weeks and months. Raising the spirit of those in need of encouragement and hailing those who aims to make a difference. Wisdom is certain to expand knowledge and fruitful leadership. Blessings will overflow as kindness prevails.

America is entering a time of great awakening and concentration. Many bonds will be made for Israel...Much forgiveness and encouagement to flow. There will be a constellation of brilliant people that will carry the torch of Truth and illuminate darkened path. Yes! Many will be humbled and return...return to the Lord Almighty for protection, forgiveness and love.

In order to move on...we must simply forgive...let again...for the past don't have to matter when one loves unconditionally.

Straight to You...

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