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STuck on AB deen

EstherT1's picture
on December 3, 2010 - 6:31am

Stuck on Ab Deen
Scotland yard without a crime
I'm here awaiting a sunless sky
For favors and for trains
Must I soon go insane

Wasted hotel stay, no plane or train to catch
I'm in for a loop and
Here to stay!

I'm at my Uncle's house still
Poor man tried to get me tickets
but nill
I'll be here writing then and have warm meal
It's not so bad I have to tell me
be still

Oh gosh, Lord help me
Why am I stuck here!
But that's fine I should
hang on and spend time with
Tita Feli and Uncle till then

Let me at least make use of my time
I want my starbucks
Barnes and Nobles and
Internet with sound!

Lord Jesus please I'm your greatest fan
Send me a plane ticket home
My boss is expecting me to work on Monday
Or at least send them a replacement so the patients get seen!
I promise I'll be back and work like a machine!
or send me a chariot on fire!

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