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on July 24, 2012 - 2:25am

Dearly Beloved Josh,

(This is not a cheesy letter)
I really love the I love you still song you sang at the Mondavi Winery. I even took notice of the complete change of your tempo on stage. I caught a glimpse of your little two step dance that really sent tingles up my spine. You were holding the mic with such delight - it looks like you were giving it a gentle kiss. I believe you were blushing!

Anyhow, I just thought I would drop you this note! The Bells of New York city really pertains to women in the bars....Calling Josh to stay. I have my own version. Balls of New York city!

You seemed so childlike screwing up the piano playing. Must be the wine! You were really giddy!

The bug that dived in your chest really made me blush! And I was a bit jealous that the bug gets to nestle in your chest and not me! I have better skills than that little bug you know!

Anyhow, I'm in Novato working my tail off! I'm sure you are enjoying the wine and all I can do is daydream! I can't afford Mondavi right now but soon I will. I'll check out their tours with some friend one of these days! And also the film Festivals. I'm hoping to meet some directors and It would be a thrill to find you there! Of course that is if it's your idea...

I'll be doing some stand up comedy around San Francisco just to keep my sanity. I'm planning on hiring a voice teacher to help me with my comic act. I hope to one day be back in NY.

I'm working on organizing taxes that are late and a short- sale. I could use your music to really lift me up as it is mind boggling. My roommate is helping me and another girl I'm paying just to get me back on track. All my friends love me to stay here but I know it's not going to last.

I have very limited dreams for myself other than day to day activity. I can't even think of a home and fancy enterprise. Just to find my partner in life. I'm really lonely for many years now even though my friends love me. I'm missing the parental guidance I used to have.

For the sake of the Lord's love for me...I choose to be happy and continually. I am embarking on a time of listening and spiritual maturity. I will be praying for my enemies and loving those who are estranged. I am expanding in order, grace, love and faithfullness.

Love always,


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