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Thank You Josh

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on June 9, 2012 - 12:09pm

For letting me write in the Journals! I'm getting everyone acquainted with the beautiful ''Fingers of G-d!" I feel like bursting this morning when I taught about it! Thanks to all my kids at Yeshiva who taught me to review the Hey-Bro Letters. Now I love them even more! They look like little tickled letters from the block letters. Buiilding blocks of Love!

Scribble Nuts and Pirate Games sure does all kinds of tricks!

You have to realize ....I teach handwriting skills and make Jew kids jump hoops at the gym...Pretty darn cool "Eh!"

I really want to straighten up everything in my life just be set to know where I am supposed to be. It seems that nothing is easy. Everyone seem to be looking everywhere for answers and chasing after one thing or another. What can make one happy is simply being at peace with one self getting things done. As for me nothing seems to settle until I meet that someone who can really help me think things thru.

I can't be everywhere but I wanted to help! With so many things out of place and uncertainty it's hard to plan things out. I want an order in my life and someone to experience the world I life. I wish I could have that connection but when?

I have this great ability to think about every philosophical and not so philosophical ideas. Still I'm left wanting and feeling empty for I know not where to set my heart at peace. I love the Lord so much and I find gratitude in all the opportunities in my life. But I need to be settled and have an idea how to organize matter and keep things in place. I have tried to be in one place but it doesn't work. I need NY to hear the message. I prayed at every subway and streets. There's too much distraction here in NY it is hard for me to concentrate. There's definitely lots of stories along the way. Meanwhile I have my stuff to take care of.

If there is anything I want to be able to stay awake and have the concentration to finish up everything I needed. It will be painful to leave NY but what can I do...I need to get things done.

Life is comedy but there are certainly lots of bills to pay and thin gs to do. I haven't been able to concentrate well since the last two years. I stopped looking at the news as I already know I can't find peace in them. I can not help an entire world who has the choice of believing in what they please. I can certainly make people laugh and think about things. That's all folks. I gave my piesce of the knowledge that spells...The Name of God is One! He Won...It's just that we fail to see it because we will always have the choice not to.

Funny how we are certainly in the living Image of G-d! But certainly it's easier to live our life as animals because ...we can.

Got to get back to all my little papers and reports for the next 8 hrs. of my life today. Budgets and taxes...Help me Lord.

Reports...Reports...Reports...It never ends. KOHELET? Eccleciates! Call it hell that's what I say! Everything has been done before...Nothing is new!

Only in G-d can we find that peace...The Father in Heaven help us all...especially me because there are taxes to pay and bills to pay along the way.

Thank You Josh for this Journal for in it I can vent out all my troubles and breath.

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