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The things I do in the name of Love!

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on August 24, 2012 - 8:07pm

Wanda started the class with a new assignment for animation. The students are going to make cut-out papers for next months drama presentation which will be featured in U-stream for competition.

Mai and Corine created a story about a Bratty Cupid named Ally

The Story of Ally

Ally is a premature cupid who is a little bratty. She is unable to get her wings due to procrastination and poor listening skills. She was sent to to the gallery of clouds for training and retreat by the grand Cupid to work on her graciousness and develop her gratitude. It was unfortunate that she started out as a good candidate for cupidity but she became very critical and refused to finished the course.

Grand Cupid, "Why are you arguing with the bratty bunnies and half-baked chicks?" Ally, " They won't listen to me! I'm the only one cleaning up the crew and it's getting worst because those bratties are making so much mess!"

Grand cupid, "I suggest to stay in the clouds and I'm not giving you your wings until you learn social graces with every bunnies and chicks good and bad! You are not setting up a good example!" Ally, " I've been warning them and they they are just sticking their whiskers in the mud while the chicks are drowning in the potty your Highness!" Grand Cupid, " You need to infect them with love stings and honey juice! You need to do better!" Ally, " I tried and they are not cooperating...I suggest we give them a little sting and no lovie!" Grand Cupid, " That's are on detention in the cloud conservation...No wings for you until you finish your course Cupidology! You will have to practice singing and easy on the dance moves with the bunnies. I expect good things from you and no more arguing. Just tell them the good news, share the truth and learn to use your arrows correctly. " Ally blinked her eyes and obediently jumped on the cloud escalator with her empty egg basket. "Grand Cupid I promise to do better!" Deep inside Ally wants to give up and fall asleep until the cows come home.

Ally went up in the clouds and was taken to the cloud tower where she makes her bed with a few fluffy clouds. She was in her cloud sphere just sleeping away. She refused to join the cupid social activities and bunny acts. She has an aisle and a paint brush where she practice perfecting her rainbows. Ally wears a blue pampers with clothespins. She looks at her back to see her little wing mark and cries wondering if she will ever get her wings. Her feelings are so hurt she would whimper in her cloudy bed and at times refuse to eat her musical cereal.

Good all bunny with big glasses and warm soup visits her to give encouraging words. Ally later on started to wake up and pain more rainbows but would not get along with other bunnies and refused to join the other cupids with their bows and arrows. Grand Cupid noticed that she has not been doing her homework. In fact she is eating forbidden meal made for pets. Soon she was feeling itchy and itchy. She couldn't sleep and her face turned red!

One morning Ally woke up and realized she grew a dinasaur tail. The other cupids started laughing at her tail when she walked into the hallways. Ally was so embarrassed with her dinasaur tail. Grand Cupid, " Someone hasn't been following instruction again!" Ally, " I don't know where it came from...Oh please get this tail off of me!" Grand Cupid, " Oh! Is that so? Well you need to work hard to change all know how to get things right Ally so listen up and eat some musical soup and grow your graces!" Ally, " But I don't deserve to have this funny tail...It's too heavy and ugly looking...Please Grand Cupid..." Grand Cupid gave her grin and disappeared.

Ally ran up back to her abode while all the little animals- bunnies, chicks, quails, hamsters, birds, and squirrels looked on.

Ally jumped and jumped trying to remove the tail. She took a bath and ran into the cloud bubble bath. She swished and swashed her tail but it's still there! Little did she know that the pets are watching her scramble all over the cloud garden and stream. Embarrassed to see the heavenly pets sneakering she ran back to her room. She looked it the mirror and saw the green tail getting bigger and bigger while she frets and complained in her cloudy room. Good old bunny Jean came in and tried to consul Ally. Ally, " I'll never get out of this tail! Look! It's so ugly and heavy! They are all making fun of me! The good old bunny Jean pulled out her paintbrush and colored her tail with blue and sprinkled it with grace dust. Ally said, "it still looks ugly!" Her tail turned into a turquoise blue with glittery scales. Jean, " it's perfectly fine. Half the heavenly pets have them! You ate their food instead of eating angel music food and look what happened...Lucky you didn't loose your voice and grew lizard tongue! It could have turned you into a gecko!" Ally, "What! You mean I ate the lizard food?" Old Bunny Jean pointed to the Green lizard family playing outside her window. Ally, "Ohh My Cupid! What did I do?"

Old Bunny Jean, "Don't worry...the damage is done. You must live with it and start obeying Grand Cupid. I promise things are going to get better!"

Ally cried in her bed staring at her belly, " Tha'ts it...tomorrow I'll be a gecko!"

To be continued...

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