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on October 27, 2012 - 12:37am

Working on organizational skills. Getting things situated in orderly fashion - not an easy task. I just discovered Pandora on the computer to play Josh songs for me whenever I need it.

So I wake up in the moring. Listening to a book in the Bible instead to twitter and Wikipedia. I know...Twitter and the internet is not a real boyfriend but it sure gives me what I need to know. Good and bad. So I listen and read the Biblical stories and think of how I was in Israel, Italy and what I ask for as a child. I'm working on getting all the bitterness away from all the sad news I've heard. I am beginning to feel renewed. NOthing can stop me...Nothing to stop US.

After some Bible verses....I practice singing like a Banshee. Sometimes I think I sound better. I could really do better with jazzy songs and Spanish guitar. I do love Italian but needs to practice more. My quicky songs with Josh Groban sure does yield good fruits. I feel fully charged and ready for work no matter what is on the news.

Work is rehab as usual. I aim to heal whenever I can. I see myself on my knees aiming to heal the Nation. Crazy...I know but I know without a doubt...The Lord Hears me. I am Here in my room. Crying out. I want the Media to hear me cry...but then I figured...a song can do the same. I want to break the glass...I want to resonate in their ears...I want the media to know...I want the Truth! Tell me of Hate, Fear and tell me of Love! Tell me all that I need to hear...not just those I want to hear...Tell me the TRUTH and know that I care...WE care...US care...let US witness correctly and intently.

I want the children to hear me...I want them to demand for good music, good food, good shows, good fashion, good future. I know they can hear me...but I want to get louder...So I go to Twitter and I really don't care how cute I sound or how unpoetic it goes...I don't want to be a diplomat but rather a bearer of reality...MAKE ME BETTER...bitterness will go away if only you teach me to face reality. I detest all the games and relative truths. I want the absolute truths...not the muddled essence of reality. Stop putting chocolate over vomit and lies. Stop the glamour of vampires. Stop painting the dirt with white. I don't need it. I just want the TRUTH!

I don't want the children to walk blind in the world full of senseless seduction that leads them astray, crazy, powerless and weak. I want to be on Target...I want them to be on Target. I demand media accountability. I will promote HATE of deception if that is what it takes to make GOOD MEN move. I will not stop...BEcause I know how pain feels when one slumbers with snakes. I know what true PEACE means for those who love freedom. OH the peace that taste like honey...It's only time...I aim to win...I will shoot and shoot and hit that bulls EYE! This is what we are meant to do...Never settle for lies...Aim for the REAL THING!

GOOD MEN moves to fight for what is right! To stand for that which is GOOD and to hail for life and Freedom.

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