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Voce Esiste Em Mim!

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on May 29, 2011 - 12:58pm

God made man and rested...God made woman and nobody's rested since!

Josh I thank you so much for all that you do even if it drives us all crazy especially me with my hearing problem. It's really mental because everytime I hear your songs it made me think you are talking to me. In fact it's really a lot of fun but quite a delusion. Everytime you say you love the Big Apple I think you are mentioning me... Then you say Jackie and I think you are talking to me...In fact even the Illumination title is talking to me because I am Ill Era! Then when you say you love me that made me think you truly do love me. But how is it possible that you are dedicating all the songs when I'm not even in your picture when you started. So anyhow this is a d ill em ahh I have! I am ILY which is Ill or I love you in ASL! This is Mid Summers Night Dreams because I keep writing love letters to You and Djew and YHVH and I'm in Utopia.

English translation for Voce Existe Em Mim
Oct 12th at 10PM / tagged: josh groban. Lyrics. / 34 notes
I’ve come to love you ‘till the end of this rain
that sways through our tropical bodies.
I’ll love you until this moon that clarifies the sun lasts,
without ever resting.

I’ve come to love you as much as it’s needed.
So, refuse the darkness, for I’ve come to love you.
What for to cry?
If crying is for endings
and you exist in me.

I’ve come to serve love and
the angels of my verses will land
so you may never stop loving me.
Shall the verses born this way in God?
like are born the flowers in every spring
to spoil the garden? (Jardin)

I’ve come to love as much as it’s needed
So, you must refuse the darkness, for I love you.
Why should you cry?
Crying is for endings
and you exist in me

The sand licks the salt
the storm has already gone and the solution;
only you and me
The soul drinks the sea that the heart has shed
and you make I, myself make me happy

I’ve come to love as much as it is needed
Refuse the darkness, I love you
What for to cry if crying is for endings
and you exist in me?

This is what I think when I hear this song!
Yah talkin to mehh Josh? Am I in the Garden? Do you want to spoil me in the Garden? What the hey! Hey I'm from Call I phoney Yah! Yes! Yah! I'm an Apple Yah? Yes! Yesh! Yah are an Eye of my Apple in the Groves!

Mansanas = Apple
Man's an as = Apple

So here it is An Apple a day keeps the Doctor a Way!
You are the doctor and I'm the apple you keep and give a way! Here's some possion Apple and have a sit I'll be your sittter! You are now my king in the office of Apple Groves! Come on I know you love the Big Apple so have a seat! I promise not to tickle your butt! Come on Josh sit on my lap. We can cuddle and drinks on my by the way! It's better than Jack Daniels and I promise I give little massages - better than messages on twitter! If I get pregnant I will name my baby apples nicknames like Jush Apple, Wy@tt, Gr@pple, Jopple, Joshpel, Winapple and the list goes on!

Now hurry up and let's make lyrics and rhymm. I'll be your line and you will be my song!

Kisses and hugs
the Apple of my Eye!
I love you Josh!

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