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What's UP Duck?!!

EstherT1's picture
on June 27, 2012 - 10:46pm

Bugs Bunny is now officially a Jewish Rabbi...Listen to this..."What's UP?"
Israelis look up in the air...."Rockets!" Bugs Bunny, "Duck!" And all the Jews became professional dockers...running as quickly to the bomb shelters...became Ultra-orthoducks, Orthoducks and other duckers! Tough time these days...But Bugs Bunny sure can keep the Jews safe and sound!

Found the real reason Muslims don't like Jews...
5 x a day the muslims stick up their butts in the air...Not one Jew spank their asses...They are pissed off and sent the Rockets till the Jews decided not to spare the rods...Spank those asses....I tell you...Spank...Now the Jews may want to be polite and ask.."Who among djew would like a good spankin?"

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