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WHY ME? Y me!

EstherT1's picture
on April 10, 2012 - 10:43pm

A few more crazy EQUATIONS.

JOsh plus Us cross the Way! Jews Us C(h)ross The Way!
Jesus Chr is T!
Jesus ChrisTY!
Jesus Christi AND
Jesus Christian

Cross = X = T
T + Ruth = T (tree) + Root
Tres Bien = " Tre Ben!" (French)
Tres = trees = tres = three
BIEN = Beh I En!
ADD Don "I"
A "Door" ME= Adore Me
CITY = See "I" TY
CITI = Sea "IT" = I
Metro = Me T RoW
Buddie = EidduB = Ei! Da!dd! U! Beh!

DAVID == DOOD in Hee- Hee Brew

FYI = Babies are not born gay...In fact the moment they are born they say WAHHHH! (translation = WHY "am I" here? And these are my relatives! WAHHHH! DID DJew bring me Here? WAAAAHHH)
YYYYYY is G-d's name!

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