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Working hard on a Book

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on August 30, 2011 - 1:16pm

ET for fun! I just want a few pages of Do Re Mi, Mon - Sunday and January to December. Thank you Josh Groban for turning me into a raging Jack of all Trades. Wait till I get my Apple Ipad II and I'll be doing you tube galore and teaching all you kids how to think like a pro!

Wonder if Apple will ever put my face on the name! Hmm...That's a great Idea! It wouldn't be a libel since Apple is what I'm known for.

I was thinking of a super hero name "Japple!" The Judy Apple saving the fruits from all chaos in the fields! Super J -apple gives all kinds of applications and jobs to all the fruits in the fields. She wears glasses in the office but turns into a superhero when she's off work! A monster named Fathom of the fields is an ugly looking scorpion who tries to blow up the apples and the rest of the fruits. They started running in the fields and Super Japple comes to the rescue! Japple flies with her blue and white cape! She has a special leaf that turns like a helicopter where she lands vertical from the air! She uses her leaf to punch all her enemies and scoops the fruits to higher ground to keep them away from Fat-ham of the field. She bounces and swisshes! She flies and uses her cape to fight her enemy. She squirts cider on her enemies and blows kisses to her friends and fellowfruits!

Wow! This is turning out into a cute littel story!

Gotta Go! In a flash!


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