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YHVH = ''I'''

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on June 9, 2012 - 9:06am

I might have to break a leg for this one! Remember Jacob wrestled with G-d! Jacobed is the mother of Moses and Jacks are all after Jacob's and Jacobed's names.

Journal on WHY YHVH = "I"' (see the cursive letters in Hebrew writing for YHVH it's H= " (quotation Mark) Y = ' apostrophy and Vav = Nail looks like I/1/!
All the 2 quotations and one apostrophy equals 5 = fingers and One Nail!
YOD = hand of God and it's Nailed!
So here it is the name of God is "1"' and He Got Nailed! The nail must be between the Ring and the Middle Finger! This creates the ILY hand sign with the nail piercing those tendons.

Take JOSH's name which can be translated to = ''e' or just .e'
' = yod = 10
. (period above) e = Sh = 300 = W (script form) 3=W= M=E (if you move the character around. (') 10+(e)300+(")5
" = Hey = 5 Now we can read it like Hei! He means Window and Hey behold!
"W"' = The Word = El Shaddai
Men- ORA-H and " Me" "Susah "
Sus = horse
Susi = key in Tagalog/ Filipino
This all goes to YESHUAH being ONE who Won on the Cross for the forgiveness of sins and He is the Key to open the Door of HEAVEN!
Eli! Eli! Lama Sabachtani! El! I! El! I! Lam-as-Bach-T-AnI

I will be promoting Stand UP Come I Dye Called...

"4 Minutes 2 5olvE Israel's ChrisT-is"
And to all the Jews Remember this..."YOU are not present at the time Jesus was Crucified! It was at least 1,970+ years ago! Jew and You are not that old!" The Lord allowed His only Son to be sacrificed for the sins of All MEN! So Jesus was the Last Man Standing on the Cross...He "Hanged in There! Got nailed on the Job for a Pay Stub!" so we don't have to!

Get the food, drink and Scotch! People shouldn't have to kill themselves for nothing when the Problem has been Solved! All we need is to look at the writings and believe...The People of the Book will soon Roar, "L' Haime!"

All "High Schools" are modified version of Yeshiva Schools "HAI Shul!"

YOU = Jew because all are added unto Jew! Jew is now the New YOU! NY NY! If I can take Jew there! I'll Make it Anywhere! It's UP to Jew NY! NY! Tan Tan Na Nan! Tan Tan Tan Ta na Nan!

This is Black Ruth JacKey!

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